Welcome to…Björkudden Koivuniemi

by Bill Vint July 9, 2014 03:36

If you drive through the suburbs of Helsinki, Finland, as noted French bowling writer Bernard Mora did recently, you may notice this sign.

No, it isn’t directing you to the home of legendary Finnish and PBA bowling star Mika Koivuniemi. But Mika explained what the sign means:

“Björkudden” is actually a Swedish word that means “Koivuniemi.” Some part of Finland, Mika noted, are dual language, so signs are created in both Swedish and Finnish. “Koivuniemi” actually is a two-part word, Mika added. “Koivu” means birch tree. “Niemi” means peninsula…so Koivuniemi refers to a peninsula full of birch trees! Now you know!

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