Doug Kent Making Bid to Join Elite Masters Club

by Jason Thomas February 21, 2014 10:51

By Lucas Wiseman, USBC Communications

Despite only bowling three games a week these days, PBA Hall of Famer Doug Kent of Newark, N.Y., is in prime position to make a little history at the 2014 United States Bowling Congress Masters.

Kent, who won the 1991 and 2006 Masters, went undefeated in three matches Friday to start the double-elimination match-play bracket. He is just two more wins away from advancing to the TV finals, which will air live on ESPN on Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern.

Should he win this week, Kent would become just the second player to win three career Masters titles joining Mike Aulby, who won in 1989, 1995 and 1998.

Kent, who will be inducted into the USBC Hall of Fame in April, is one of eight undefeated players in the winners bracket after three rounds. Eight players with one loss remain alive in the elimination portion of the bracket heading into Saturday.

"I bowl three games a week now, and now I spend my time watching all these guys on TV," said Kent, who retired from the PBA Tour after the 2009-10 season. "After I retired, I never thought I'd contend for another title. I just got into a good rhythm and frame of mind to repeat shots. That's the name of the game."

Kent entered match play as the No. 7 seed after qualifying and defeated Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia, 670-568, in his opening match. He then defeated Canada's Patrick Girard, 667-479, and ended his day with a 644-582 win over Stephen Pavlinko Jr. of Sewell, N.J.

Defending champion Jason Belmonte of Australia is one of the other remaining undefeated players and is off to the best start by a reigning champion since Jason Queen finished seventh in 1998.

Belmonte rolled to an average margin of victory of nearly 127 pins in his first three matches, taking down Dakota Jordan of Anderson, S.C., Norm Duke of Clermont, Fla., and Syichi Heki of Japan.

In Saturday's winners bracket matches, Belmonte will take on Tom Smallwood, John Janawicz battles E.J. Tackett, Dick Allen bowls Ryan Ciminelli and Kent takes on Michael Haugen Jr.

In the elimination bracket, John Szczerbinski will face Bryan Goebel, Dom Barrett takes on Patrick Girard, Rhino Page bowls Dan MacLelland and Jaime Gonzalez battles Brian Himmler.

The Masters, which features a first-place prize of $50,000, is a major event on the PBA Tour and is part of the World Tenpin Bowling Association World Bowling Tour for the fourth consecutive season.

All qualifying and match play rounds of the Masters are being covered live on Xtra Frame, the PBA's online bowling channel. For subscription information, click on the Xtra Frame logo on the homepage. For more information on the Masters, including live scoring, visit

At Brunswick Zone Carolier, North Brunswick, N.J.
Friday's results

Double elimination, three-game matches decided by total pinfall


(Winners remain in winners bracket. Losers move to losers bracket.)

(1) Jason Belmonte, Australia, def. (64) Dakota Jordan, Andersen, S.C., 660-574
(33) Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., def. (32) John Furey, Freehold, N.J., 664-645
(17) Syuichi Heki, Japan, def. (48) Brandon Novak, Chillicothe, Ohio, 683-644
(16) Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, def. (49) Jordan Harrison, Taylorsville, Utah, 627-513
(56) Tom Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich., def. (9) Josh Blanchard, Gilbert, Ariz., 657-530
(24) Scott Norton, Mission Viejo, Calif., def. (41) Jason Lower, Scappoose, Ore., 653-556
(25) Matthew O'Grady, South Amboy, N.J., def. (40) Andres Gomez, Colombia, 690-609
(8) Dan MacLelland, Canada, def. (57) Derek Roseberry, Louisville, Ky., 680-525
(5) Lee Vanderhoef, Greenville, S.C., def. (60) Martin Larsen, Sweden, 671-644
(28) John Szczerbinski, North Tonawanda, N.Y., def. (37) Ronnie Russell, Marion, Ind., 640-601
(21) John Janawicz, Winter Haven, Fla., def. (44) Greg Ostrander, Freehold, N.J., 638-538
(53) T.J. Schmidt, Mishawaka, Ind., def. (12) Adam Chase, West Babylon, N.Y., 701-551
(52) Bryan Goebel, Shawnee, Kan., def. (13) Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., 658-626
(45) Scott Pohl, Burnsville, Minn., def. (20) Brian LeClair, Albany, N.Y., 737-703
(29) Mike Fagan, Ft. Worth, Texas, def. (36) Gary Faulkner Jr., Memphis, Tenn., 725-636
(61) E.J. Tackett, Huntington, Ind., def. (4) Dom Barrett, England, 697-652
(3) Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., def. (62) Alan Runkel, Cincinnati, 725-616
(35) Dick Allen, Columbia, S.C., def. (30) Tim Pfeifer, Oak Dale, Pa., 614-566
(19) Chris Barnes, Double Oak, Texas, def. (46) Gary Haines, West Babylon, N.Y., 763-692
(51) Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla., def. (14) Tom Daugherty, Wesley Chapel, Fla., 629-542
(54) Jaime Gonzalez, Colombia, def. (11) Alex Aguiar, N. Dartmouth, Mass., 612-564
(22) Travis Celmer, Wernersville, Pa., def. (43) Ryan Shafer, Horseheads, N.Y., 633-596
(38) Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., def. (27) Rhino Page, Dade City, Fla., 684-659
(6) Jason Howard, Baltimore, def. (59) Yuya Katoh, Japan, 558-453
(7) Doug Kent, Newark, N.Y., def. (58) John Petraglia, Jackson, N.J., 670-568
(26) Patrick Girard, Canada, def. (39) Nathan Bohr, Wichita, Kan., 580-558
(23) Jonathan Wilbur, North Clarendon, Vt., def. (42) Brian Robinson, Morgantown, W.Va., 674-562
(55) Stephen Pavlinko Jr., Sewell, N.J., def. (10) Brian Himmler, Cincinnati, 672-603
(50)Stuart Williams, England, def. (15) Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 632-614
(47) Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C., def. (18) Michael Machuga, Erie, Pa., 650-613
(34) Joe Paluszek, Bensalem, Pa., def. (31) Stephen Haas, Enola, Pa., 668-610
(63) Michael Haugen Jr., Phoenix, def. (2) Cameron Weier, Federal Way, Wash., 670-572


Belmonte def. Duke, 741-596
Heki def. Ruiz, 668-623
Smallwood def. Norton, 675-594
O'Grady def. MacLelland, 636-529
Szczerbinski def. Vanderhoef, 635-633
Janawicz def. Schmidt, 736-707
Goebel def. Pohl, 689-604
Tackett def. Fagan, 682-633
D. Allen def. W.R. Williams, 728-649
P. Allen def. Barnes, 640-639
Gonzalez def. Celmer, 623-532
Ciminelli def. Howard, 630-548
Kent def. Girard, 667-479
Pavlinko def. Wilbur, 707-582
S. Williams def. Jones, 726-699
Haugen def. Paluszek, 768-634


Losers eliminated, earn $1,800)

Furey def. Jordan, 646-591
Roseberry def. Gomez, 627-610
Novak def. Harrison, 702-590
Blanchard def. Lower, 738-698
Larsen def. Russell, 715-643
Barrett def. Faulkner, 660-584
Ostrander def. Chase, 650-536
Weber def. LeClair, 781-685
Pfeifer def. Runkel, 581-529
Page def. Katoh, 638-574
Daugherty def. Haines, 617-555
Aguiar def. Shafer, 709-688
Petraglia def. Bohr, 657-643
Weier def. Haas, 663-619
Himmler def. Robinson, 664-653
Malott def. Machuga, 718-643


Belmonte def. Heki, 737-588
Smallwood def. O'Grady, 668-516
Janawicz def. Szczerbinski, 753-730
Tackett def. Goebel, 653-517
D. Allen def. P. Allen, 674-640
Ciminelli def. Gonzalez, 735-734
Kent def. Pavlinko, 644-582
Haugen def. S. Williams, 685-674


(Losers eliminated, earn $2,100)

Barnes def. Furey, 595-583
Roseberry def. Celmer, 700-531
W.R. Williams def. Novak, 664-632
Blanchard def. Howard, 674-617
Wilbur def. Larsen, 757-738
Barrett def. Jones, 698-646
Girard def. Ostrander, 574-572
Weber def. Paluszek, 648-643
Ruiz def. Pfeifer, 732-576
Page def. Norton, 624-605
Duke def. Daugherty, 645-584
MacLelland def. Aguiar, 651-645
Petraglia def. Schmidt, 670-591
Weier def. Pohl, 665-607
Himmler def. Vanderhoef, 637-603
Malott def. Fagan, 735-732


(Losers eliminated, earn $2,500)

Barnes def. Roseberry, 687-683
W.R. Williams def. Blanchard, 761-683
Barrett def. Wilbur, 650-569
Girard def. Weber, 667-664
Page def. Ruiz, 630-589
MacLelland def. Duke, 678-677
Petraglia def. Weier, 604-549
Himmler def. Malott, 608-593


(Losers eliminated, earn $3,000)

Szczerbinski def. Barnes 721-714
Goebel def. W.R. Williams, 754-664
Barrett def. Heki, 602-588
Girard def. O'Grady, 641-554
Page def. S. Williams, 640-612
MacLelland def. Pavlinko, 638-517
Gonzalez def. Petraglia, 555-473
Himmler def. P. Allen, 620-543

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