MOTIV Bowling Upgrades Registered Product Company Status for 2012-13 PBA Tour Season

by Jerry Schneider September 20, 2012 06:42

To keep pace with its growth as a bowling ball manufacturer, MOTIV Bowling has upgraded its involvement as a PBA Registered Product Company to “Full Registration” for the 2012-13 season.

MOTIV is among a group of bowling product manufacturers that enroll in the PBA Registered Product program to make their brand-name products eligible for use in PBA competition at all levels, and receive the benefits of having their logos and/or other product identification displayed on ESPN-PBA telecasts and other PBA platforms.

“Our involvement with PBA is becoming increasingly integral to our marketing efforts as we have made great strides in the quality and performance of our products,” said MOTIV Vice President of Marketing Scott Hewitt. “There are a lot of opportunities available with PBA that represent a huge value for us.”

PBA offers eight categories of involvement at four levels for companies to enhance exposure for manufacturers:

Full registration allows for unlimited use by all players of approved bowling balls and accessories excluding grips and shoes in all PBA competition. For televised events, non-contracted players may use equipment but may not wear the logo unless an incentive has been posted for all competitors.

Limited registration means a maximum of seven players, including regional and PBA50 Tour players, may wear that brand’s logo in competition.

Grassroots registration means products may be used only in PBA regional or PBA50 Tour competition.

Special registration allows players to wear the logo if an incentive is posted or if a player is under contract with the company.

Previously, MOTIV had been a Limited Registered company, but upgraded its involvement to “Full” to take advantage of PBA’s expanded domestic and international activities.

“There’s a huge upside if we win on TV because we know that grassroots bowlers pay attention to what they see on TV and that has an influence on what equipment they purchase,” Hewitt added.

MOTIV’s player staff for 2012-13 will include three-time PBA Tour champion Dick Allen, Lee Vanderhoef, Brett Spangler and Jake Peters who will begin their season with PBA World Series of Bowling IV at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas Nov. 2-11.

In addition to exposure on ESPN telecasts of the PBA Tour, Product Registered companies gain exposure from several other PBA properties including the PBA’s Regional and PBA50 Tours,, PBA’s online bowling channel Xtra Frame, and social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Upgrading to a Full Registered company and maximizing the opportunities with PBA is an extension of the growth of our company,” Hewitt said. “We feel the time is right to step up our involvement as we take our product line to the next level.”

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