“Buddies for Tony” Fundraising Program to Benefit Tony Reyes’ Family

by Jerry Schneider October 2, 2012 10:41

In the wake of the tragic death of popular PBA champion Tony Reyes, an outpouring of “what can I do to help?” messages have flooded the PBA office, Facebook and other community forums.

A number of tributes and fundraising programs to benefit Reyes’ family are under discussion, but one fundraising effort that is already in place was created by Chrissie (Beamish) Kent and her husband, 10-time PBA Tour champion Doug Kent. Chrissie Kent has launched a national fundraising effort through “Scentsy,” a direct-sales company founded to market wickless candles and fragrances. The Kents also have established a not-for-profit bank account in their hometown of Newark, N.Y., to benefit Reyes’ wife Nicole and daughter Gianna.

“When we heard the news about Tony, Doug and I thought there had to be something we could do to help Tony’s family. He was such an amazing individual,” Chrissie said. “You don’t really know how many lives you have impacted until something like this happens, and Tony had an impact on thousands of people.”

To make a lengthy story shorter, Chrissie (who represents the product line) developed a promotion through Scentsy called “Buddies for Tony.” The program involves a stuffed animal called a “Scentsy Buddy” with a zippered back where a scent pak is inserted. Each animal normally sells for $25, but there is currently a two-for-one promotion (two Buddies for Tony for $25) – and all proceeds are being donated to the “Buddies for Tony” bank account at Lyons National Bank in Newark, N.Y.

● If you want to purchase “Buddies for Tony” - go to: https://supersafescents.scentsy.us. Below Chrissie’s photo on the website, there is a “My Open Parties” header.

1) Click on the “Buy from Party” to the right of the Buddies for Tony listing.

2) Next, scroll down the page to Scentsy Buddy Collection and click Scentsy Buddy where you will be directed to the list of Buddies.

3) Click on “Build a Multi-Pack” where you see the dog and lamb. Choose both of the animals you would like to purchase and add them to cart.

4) You will see Scent Pak (purple tab) above the Buddies. Choose a scent pak and the company will randomly select a second scent pak for you.

5) The Scentsy Buddy program will be available until Dec. 10 or until inventory is sold out, whichever occurs first.

● If you want to participate, but don’t want the stuffed animals: ship them to Chrissie Kent and the animals will be donated to a children’s hospital, holiday toy drive or another suitable charity.

● If you would prefer to make a cash contribution to benefit Tony’s wife and daughter, send contributions payable to “Buddies for Tony” to: Buddies for Tony, c/o Chrissie Kent, 725 West Miller, Newark, NY 14513.

Tony Reyes Family Memorial Fund Site Established

Another site for the Reyes family that has been established is the Tony Reyes Family Memorial Fund Site which can be accessed by clicking on the following link:


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