JASON THOMAS: Rash Calls Out Belmonte During Shootout Taping

by Jason Thomas June 13, 2011 14:52

As I mentioned in my initial write-up promoting the upcoming GEICO PBA Team Shootout, the matches produced some very tight, very tense TV moments.

I promised a controversial clip, which is posted below. The backstory on the clip has to do with the "bottle-gate" incident from the season-ending Dick Weber PBA Playoffs just two short months ago. Those of you who remember that incident will recall that Brad Angelo called out Jason Belmonte during a match for making distracting noises with his water bottle. After the match, the two discussed the matter on-air and Belmonte later called the brush-up an unfortunate accident and expressed just how sorry he was.

Fast-forward to the 2011 GEICO PBA Team Shootout taping at 10 pin bowling lounge in Chicago Memorial Day weekend and another, similar incident occurred between Belmonte and Sean Rash. Just prior to the clip, Rash backed off a shot, implying that Belmonte's water bottle was again causing a distraction. When he got back up and threw his shot (at an extremely key juncture in the match), this is what happened:


After this, the match continued for several more highly intense, confrontational frames before a winner was finally decided.

Rash and Belmonte have some history in their pasts that helped fuel the fire even before any water bottles were involved. One such incident occurred during the 2010 World Series of Bowling Chameleon Championship. In this clip, Belmonte needed a strike in the 10th to lock himself on the show. When he did not come through, Rash needed a strike to take his place and was distracted at a key moment. Here is the Xtra Frame clip of what happened there:

Rivalry or not, these two young stars are on the very short list of players who will no doubt inherit the torch of bowling supremacy from the outgoing legends soon enough. From these clips, it is at least very obvious that both badly desire to be known as "the man" when it comes to who is considered the best in the world.

But let's not forget the other 18 stars who competed in the Team Shootout as well. As I mentioned in my prior blog, there were a number of outstanding performances and some incredible matches throughout the entire event. Posted below are two promo videos I produced using interviews I shot with the players in Chicago. These are the first two of eight, which will go up every Monday for the next six weeks. So be sure to check in next Monday for that and, of course, for more discussion on the matches at the Team Shootout once those begin airing on June 25 on ESPN.




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