SCOTT THE ENGINEER: Where the Action Is

by Pba Editor November 5, 2011 12:27

Scott the Engineer of The Howard Stern Show bowled in the WSOB last year at South Point. This year he wasn't able to bowl, but he is watching on Xtra Frame and doing a blog throughout.

If you didn’t see the All-in showdown on Xtra  frame you missed something really special. Eight of the best bowlers in the world put up $5,000 of their own money for a chance at $45,000. It came down to the last frame between Tommy Jones and Sean Rash and Jones needed a triple in the 10th to lock out Rash. He threw the first one but couldn’t carry the next giving Rash a shot at the big pot. All Sean needed was a double and good count to claim the 45g. He threw what looked like a perfect ball and got frozen by one of the only true wraps in the game, the dreaded 9 pin. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Which leads be to believe the WSOB will be the best one to date, with over 200 of the best bowlers in the world, it will be an exciting two weeks. When the PBA gave me the incredible chance to compete in last year's WSOB I really didn’t know what to expect. When I arrived for the first day of practice I couldn’t believe I was bowling with the best in the world.  I knew it would be hard, and all I wanted to do was not make a fool out of myself. The guys really made me feel right at home which helped me for the week.

Looking at this years WSOB, I would have to say that Tommy Jones and Sean Rash would be at the top of my list to win at least one of the tournaments. I think some of the others at the top of my list are Bill O’Neill, Norm Duke and Walter Ray Williams, Jr. I think we found out where the action is - it’s at the South Point Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. Enjoy!

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