BowlU Founder Rick Benoit Offers On-Site Advance to PBA World Series of Bowling Competitors

by Bill Vint November 2, 2011 06:21

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – On the eve of the start of the third annual PBA World Series of Bowling at South Point Bowling Center, long-time PBA Tour player representative Rick Benoit, founder of BowlU, is offering a helping hand to players seeking competitive advice on equipment, lane play and a variety of other topics.

“BowlU and the PBA are constantly looking to answer challenges that will improve the sport of bowling,” Benoit said. “This challenge is an especially exciting one as we explore the reality of creating a player development program for the PBA.

“The World Series of Bowling is a great opportunity to gather information that will help develop a program that is focused on player assistance. During the WSOB, any player looking for competitive assistance will have the opportunity to seek advice from a representative who is focused on their behalf.”

Benoit will be that person. He has been a part of the PBA Tour for more than 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is now focused on player development for any bowler who is pursuing the PBA dream.

"The challenges of the WSOB format will not be an easy environment to work in, but we see it as a stepping stone to greater opportunities that are sure to provide the growth and development we all desire."

Benoit will be in Las Vegas from start to finish, providing competitive advice to any player who seeks his help. In addition, he has devoted a section of the website to competitive information. If time permits, he plans to offer a classroom session as well as on-lane practice time while players are in Las Vegas.

"The reality of the WSOB is that the bowler who comes prepared both physically and mentally will certainly have an advantage,” he said. “Another reality is that only one can win, and there will always be bowlers looking for help. Whoever and whenever that is, my goal is to be there for them. I’m pretty adaptive; I have been doing it for many years.

“My objective for the WSOB is leaving Vegas with a clear picture of what the players want from the BowlU program, and I will build a program to accomplish the goals we all share."

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