Tour Trials Analysis - Lambert IV

by Jason Thomas June 9, 2009 19:00

Welcome back for Day 3 of our Tour Trials player analysis. Today I’ll be evaluating the impressive game of second-place finisher George Lambert IV as well as issuing a few closing remarks on the event.

Yesterday, I said that it was a toss-up between Lambert and Cassidy Schaub for my choice of player-most-likely-to-be-the-next-Rhino-Page. George, (no relation to American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, by the way…and I’m pretty sure he’s not gay like Glambert either since I filmed him smooching Missy Bellinder for a makeover piece I directed a while back) is a technically-perfect tweener in the mold of fellow Wichita State superstar Patrick Healey Jr. The thing I actually like better about Lambert’s game than Healey’s however, is that he doesn’t cup his wrist at the top of the backswing, which allows George to be a lot more versatile than Healey was/is (what happened to that dude as a matter of fact?) when it comes to changing his speed, tilt and rev rate.

When I watched my video footage of the last day of TT, Lambert went from playing up 2-3 board with decent success (actually quite an amazing feat on the Shark pattern) to playing between 5th and 6th arrow without skipping a beat. Lambert also might be the hungriest guy of our newly exempt keglers, having spent the last PBA Tour season bowling 19 official events, battling his way through the TQR in most and finishing a respectable 58th on the year-end point list.

Lambert also seems to like Thunderbowl Lanes, where, I will remind you once again in my efforts to tirelessly promote the upcoming World Series of Bowling, the first eight events of the PBA Tour season will be held starting in August. George bowled very well in the Regional Players Championship (he lost a tight 3-2 match in the round of 32 prior to his strong Tour Trials performance) and was one of the most consistent players in the entire Tour Trials field, with three of his five sets over the 1950 barrier.

So, that’s it for my analysis (oh, if you missed Day 1 or Day 2, check them out too). It’s an incredibly exciting time in the lives of these eight qualifiers, for they are about to live a dream pursued by most of them since childhood. They have truly earned a place among the best bowlers in the world and a chance to accomplish even bigger goals like winning PBA tournaments, earning the recognition of their peers and, maybe one day, the chance to be included in the conversation about the greatest bowlers of all time. The road starts here and every one of the players who are about to set forth on that journey have earned our respect and our support to continue to pursue their bowling dreams.

Now for those of you who are “watch the movie” types rather than “read the book” types (and I feel like I’ve almost written a book the last three days on this) be sure to check out Xtra Frame tomorrow for my video assessment of these players using footage from Tour Trials. I’ve also cut together some interviews and reaction from the guys, hosted by our crack laneside reporter Mike J. Laneside. I’m putting the finishing touches on the video piece now, so check back tomorrow to enjoy.

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