Allen Tops Malott in DYDO Japan Cup 2009 Finals

by PBA Editor April 24, 2009 19:00
It took over 5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean for someone to take down Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour Player of the Year Wes Malott.
Tour star Patrick Allen of Wesley Chapel, Fla., found a reaction in the championship game that he hadn’t seen all day, helping him to a 247-214 win over Malott in the title match of the Dydo Japan Cup 2009 in Tokyo Metro Gymnasium.
The win gave Allen 13 PBA Tour titles.
Malott and Allen, who qualified No. 1 and No. 2 respectively, opened the match mirroring each other in the first three frames but a solid 10 pin in the fourth frame by Malott gave Allen a 10-pin lead. Both players traded shots until the final frame where Allen needied only good count to pick up the $50,000 first prize.
“I didn’t bowl well in the first two matches but I found a way to stay alive,” said Allen, who extended the PBA Tour’s dominance in the Japan Cup to 20 consecutive years. “I was just trying to tell myself I can do this. I stepped up and made good shots in the last game when I needed it.
“It’s great to bowl an event like this and an honor to win the Japan Cup.”
Joining Allen in the spotlight was reigning PBA Rookie of the Year Rhino Page of Topeka, Kan., who threw the first perfect game in Japan Cup TV history. In addition to defeating Korea’s Jeong Tae-Hwa, 300-235, in the Round of 8, Page earned a $100,000 bonus for his perfect game.
After his win in the Round of 8, Page lost to Malott, 236-216, in the semifinal round. Allen advanced to the championship match by eliminating Korea’s Byun Yong-Hwan, Korea, 203-159, in the other semifinal match.
Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour
Dydo Japan Cup 2009
Shinagawa Prince Bowling Center, Tokyo, Japan, April 25
Championship: Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla. ($50,000) def. Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas ($26,000), 247-214
Semifinal Round (losers earned $13,000): Malott def. Rhino Page, Topeka, Kan., 236-216. Allen def. Byun Yong-Hwan, Korea, 203-159.
Round of 8 (losers earned $6,500): Malott def. Ryota Ichihara, Japan, 215-183. Page def. Jeong Tae-Hwa, Korea, 300-235. Yong-Hwan def. Yoshiki Ohsawa, Japan, 257-247. Allen def. Shigenori Sakata, Japan, 208-174.
Round of 16 (best of five games): Malott def. Bill O’Neill, 3-2. Ryota def. Motoshi Suzuki, 3-0. Tae-Hwa def. Pete Weber, 3-2. Page def. Eugene McCune, Munster, Ind., 3-0. Ohsawa def. Katsuhita Itoyama, 3-2. Yong-Hwan def. Isao Yamamoto, 3-1. Sakata def. Parker Bohn III, 3-0. Allen def.
Yoshimi Kitaoka, 3-1.
Round of 32 (best of five games): Malott def. Danny Wiseman, 3-0. O’Neill def. Junichi Yajima, 3-2. Suzuki def. Shuichi Heki, 3-1. Ryota def. Mike Wolfe, 3-0. Weber def. Chris Barnes, 3-2. Tae-Hwa def. Tamiki Miike, 3-1.
Page def. Yasuo Tanaka, 3-2. McCune def. Tomoyuki Sasaki, 3-2. Ohsawa def.
Mika Koivuniemi, 3-1. Itoyama def. Shigeyuki Mizuno, 3-1. Yamamoto def.
Toshiyuki Kaneko, 3-2. Yong-Hwan def. Sean Rash, 3-2. Bohn def. Takeshi Suda, 3-1. Sakta def. Hiroshi Nagatani, 3-2. Allen def. Mike Scroggins, 3-2.
Round of 48 (best of five games): Wiseman def. Minoru Sendan, 3-2. O’Neill def. Walter Ray Williams Jr., 3-1. Heki def. Robert Lee, 3-0. Ryoto def.
Toshio Umeda, 3-0. Weber def. Steve Jaros, Yorkville, 3-1. Miike def.
Toshifumi Kojima, 3-0. Tanaka def. Chris Loschetter, 3-2. Sasaki def. Ryan Shafer, 3-2. Ohsawa def. Hirohisa Adachi, 3-2. Itoyama def. Masayuki Koyama, 3-0. Kaneko def. Naoharu Okabe, 3-1. Yong-Hwan def. Kim Byeong Hak, 3-1. Suda def. Park Jeon-Soo, 3-2. Sakata def. Takashi Kudo, 3-1.

Sato def. Yoshihiro Sakuraba, 3-2. Scroggins def. Hisayoshi Nishida, 3-1.

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