Actor’s Aspirations to Be Professional Bowler Chronicled in Feature

by PBA Editor February 3, 2009 19:00
Actor and bowler J.T. “Action” Jackson is the subject of a short documentary which has recently appeared on current tv and He is competing in this week’s PBA Denny’s Dick Weber Open.
The 31-year-old lefthander from Tarzana, Calif., teamed with Hollywood director Nathan Marshall to produce the seven and a half-minute film which chronicles Jackson’s aspirations to be a professional bowler.
Jackson, who has appeared in commercials, movies and TV shows, started bowling in 2003 and just two years later became a PBA member. While not currently a PBA member (so he can get more experience bowling in amateur events), he has already won four tournaments in the Southern California area. He competes in PBA events which are open to non-members whenever he can.
He started bowling casually with stars such as Will Smith and the Wayans brothers and quickly decided to take up the game seriously.
“I wanted to do something that showed how seriously I take this sport and what I have to do to reach my goal to be a professional bowler,” Jackson said.


View the documentary

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