by PBA Editor January 6, 2009 19:00
Walter Ray Williams Jr. continued his domination over Pete Weber in televised matches using 10 out of a possible 12 strikes en route to a 257-199 exhibition victory Wednesday. The match marked the first-ever “Xtra Frame Game” live streaming video match on’s Xtra Frame.
Xtra Frame is a subscription streaming video service that features live match play round coverage of regular events, exclusive interviews with PBA stars and archived coverage of ESPN telecasts. The match is now available on demand on’s Xtra Frame.
Over 50% of the 4,000 online voters chose the clash of two of the PBA’s greatest icons. Both are Hall of Famers and were ranked in the top 5 all time in PBA history as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration (Weber was 4th, Williams remains one of the three top ranked players whose final standing is yet to be revealed).
Williams Jr. added to his record number of career titles with victory 45 at this season’s Lake County Indiana Golden Anniversary Championship. 34-time titlist Weber, after a successful offseason bowling internationally, has yet to make a telecast this year.
Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Pete Weber have perhaps the biggest current rivalry in professional bowling with Williams Jr. dominating recent TV matchups. In 2006 Williams Jr. defeated Weber, 236-213 in the title match of the PBA World Championship and defeated PDW, 289-236 in the title match of the Dydo Japan Cup.
 “In effect, this is bowling’s first pay-per-view match,” said PBA COO Tom Clark. “And the fans made a great choice. Who wouldn’t want to watch Walter Ray vs. PDW under any circumstance?”
To sign up for Xtra Frame and be able to watch this exhibition match plus the other features go to Subscription price is $5.95 per month.
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