by PBA Editor January 6, 2009 19:00
Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., the only woman to ever bowl in a PBA national title match and amateur Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic have qualified through the PBA Tour Qualifying Round today rounding out the 64-player field competing in the National Bowling Stadium Championship on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour.
Qualifying and match play rounds for the National Bowling Stadium Championship take place Jan. 8-9. Tickets for the opening rounds are free. Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C. is the defending champion, winning the 2008 Championship at the National Bowling Stadium on Jan. 6, 2008. Jones defeated Patrick Allen 254-214 to win his 11th career title on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour.
Bowling fans will be treated to a pair of nationally-televised Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour events on Sunday Jan. 11 at the National Bowling Stadium. Tickets are free and doors are open to the public at 8 a.m. PT.
The bowling doubleheader starts with ESPN’s live final round coverage of The National Bowling Stadium Championship at 10 a.m. PT. This program will be the first time that multiple oil patterns will be used during the tournament and on the telecast, featuring the PBA Experience Shark pattern on the left lane and the PBA Experience Cheetah pattern on the right lane. Bowlers will face the challenge of negotiating each oil pattern by determining equipment choices and lane play strategy on every alternating shot.
PBA Tour Qualifying Round, Total Pinfall (7 Games)
*1. Lonnie Waliczek, Wichita, Kan., 1,624
*2. Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 1,604
*3. Troy Wollenbecker, Miami, 1,540
*3. Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, 1,540
*5. Jason Poli, West Des Moines, Iowa, 1,536
*6. Jim Tomek Jr., Camp Hill, Pa., 1,530
7. Jesse Buss, Wichita, Kans, 1,518, $875
7. Diandra Asbaty, Chicago, 1,518, $875
9. Don Allen III, Vancouver, Wash., 1,504, $500
10. Robert Harvey, Boise, Idaho, 1,501
11. Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif., 1,493
12. PJ Haggerty, Clovis, Calif, 1,490
13. Shalin Zulkifli, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 1,481
**14. Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, 1,478
15. Scott Norton, San Francisco, Calif, 1,477
15. George Lambert IV, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1,477
17. Scott Newell, Deland, Fla, 1,462
18. Olivia Sandham, Wichita, Kan., 1,439
19. Adrienne Miller, Albuquerque, NM, 1,432
20. Amy Stolz, Castle Rock, Colo, 1,419
21. Tim Mack, Indianapolis, 1,416
22. Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 1,410
23. Chris Pitts, Citrus Hts., Calif., 1,408
24. Eric Boughton, Palo Alto, Calif., 1,400
25. Alan Mojado, Pala, Calif, 1,398
26. Nick Morgan, Sacramento, Calif., 1,382
27. Ryan Abel, Bel Aire, Kan., 1,379
28. John Nolen, Waterford, Mich., 1,367
29. Matt Freiberg, Somerset, N.J., 1,353
30. Tom Sorce, Blasdell, N.Y., 1,352
31. Rob Forest, Reno, Nev., 1,347
32. Leonard Lopez, Citrus Heights, Calif., 1,333
33. Corey Husted, Milwaukie, Ore, 1,328
34. David Jarrett, Sparks, Nev., 1,323
35. Chris Jones, Reno, Nev., 1,300
36. Justin Bautista, Pleasanton, Calif., 1,290
37. Todd Adams, Sacramento, Calif., 1,286
38. Wayne Richards, Fernley, Nev, 1,273
39. Raymond Gaunt, El Monte, Calif, 1,254
40. Humberto Vazquez, San Pedro, Mexico, 1,248
41. Anthony Thompson, Redding, Calif., 1,242
42. Joseph Gonsalves Jr., San Jose, Calif., 1,153
43. Samuel Dahilig, Antelope, Calif., 1,117
**Qualified as top amateur in field
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