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by Shawn Rash April 3, 2008 19:00
This season, Sean Rash is blogging his life on the Denny's PBA Tour for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website in Seattle, Wash. Follow his blog all season long on either www.seattle-pi.com or PBA.com.

PBA Weekly Blog
GEICO Classic, Long Island/65th Denny’s US Open, N. Brunswick, N.J.
By Sean Rash

The final two weeks of the PBA season have come to a close. I have been on the road since February 12th and I’ve got to say, I am glad I get home for a few days before I head to Orlando this weekend for the Motel 6 Roll to Riches.

The PBA was in Long Island, N.Y., two weeks ago. We bowled on the Cheetah pattern and let me tell you, there was free hook to the right and scores seemed like they were going to be really high. I had a fairly good reaction all week in L.I. and thought I had a chance to make the show. This is one of my favorite patterns.

I was able to make the cut and this week we used the old round robin format. I was hoping it was single elimination match play but, oh well. The first round of match play, I went 8-1 and moved up the leader board a lot. I got to be seven pins out of the show at one point. Going into the night block, things looked good until a couple of bad breaks and one bad pair and I went from close to nowhere close to making the show. The differences between the rounds were what my opponents averaged against me.

Pete Weber, Tommy Delutz Jr., Tommy Jones, Walter Ray Williams Jr., and Wes Malott all made the show. If you watched the show, you saw guys get to the pocket but the difference was Tommy Jones has higher ball speed and revolutions which created better carry than everyone else. He made the lane look pretty easy. He was able to create hold and hook where the others guy couldn’t. Congrats to him for winning his second title of the season and 12th overall.

We then traveled about two hours south to North Brunswick, New Jersey for the 65th Denny’s U.S. Open. This is the event the guys all look forward to every year. This is the toughest event out of all of the events we play every year. The conditions are hard, there are lots of people bowling, a big house and three different squads of just qualifying.

I have had some good success the past couple years, finishing 12th and 13th, so I was excited about coming back. I had another good look in practice and it didn’t hurt that I was bowling well.

This is a long week of tough lane conditions, different times to bowl and just waiting to see how your score does against the rest of the field. After three days of qualifying I was in good position to make match play again and try to make the show, finally. The cashers round was a different story for me this year. We bowled nine games to cut to the top 24. I started in 19th and finished the day in 28th. I was never able to get into a rhythm during the block like I had the previous day. The hardest part about this week was not trying to strike and just making your spares and move on. But when you split, it’s easy to press a little and try to shoot 200.

Since I missed the cut, I was done bowling Friday and done for the year. I had to stick around a few days for a Brunswick coaching clinic we were doing Sunday morning. Friday night I just hung out and watched college basketball and relaxed. Even though I didn’t make the cut, I was still pretty tired mentally and physically.

Saturday was a day of catching up. I wasn’t able to do many emails during the week. I also needed to book some car rentals and hotels for future trips I am going on. That afternoon, Brunswick had a lunch where the entire staff got together. After the get together, I went up to watch the final round of match play. Mika Koivuniemi, Chris Loschetter, Norm Duke and Doug Kent all made the TV show.

Sunday was a very early morning. I had to get up and pack and get to the bowl so I could help with our coaching clinic. This was from 9 to 11 a.m. After this was completed, I went out to pack the car only to find out that I had a flat tire. What a good surprise. So, with the help of a few guys – Nathan Bohr, Parker Bohn III, Johnny Petraglia Jr. and a couple others – I was able to get the spare on and get on the road.

I got to the airport and relaxed for a little bit watching some more college basketball. I upgraded my flights home since it was the last event of the year. What’s an extra $100 when we make so much right? Haha.

So, with the season to an end, I would have to say it was a pretty good year. I am disappointed to not make any other shows besides the first event of the year, but these guys are good. I am pretty happy overall with how I did though. I still need to learn a few more things but thank goodness I am young and have a long career ahead of me.

For all of you that read the Rants, I hope you enjoyed how life was on Tour with Sean Rash. I wish everyone the best of luck and have a great summer break. For me, it’s time for some golf and relaxation at home.

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