Not So Deep Thoughts

by Randy Peterson February 27, 2008 19:00
And now, "Not So Deep Thoughts" by Randy Pedersen.

Well, last week we were in Indianapolis. What a great town. My buddy, Jeff Schroeder, runs the Brick Yard Crossing. It’s a golf course not far from the airport. Four of the holes are in the infield of the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What an awesome place. Justin Hromek, Rick Steelsmith and myself played there a couple of years ago with Jeff. It was mid-March and about 41 degrees. We froze our jewels off but we didn’t care.

I stopped in to see Jeff when I landed and loaded up on some BrickYard goods and met up with him and his fiancé for a nice steak dinner later that night. We went to Ruth’s Chris and I ordered half a cow. Man, was it good. Then it was off to the lanes to watch some action. How about that guy from Down Under? I know he didn’t fare well on the show but what an accomplishment just getting there. I met Andrew Frawley some years back and he is a SUPER guy. Later that night I ran into an old friend. For those of you who are wondering what ever happened to George Branham III, well he’s alive and doing just fine. He bowled the tournament and damn near made match play. Way to go GB3. We spent a couple of hours together reminiscing and talking about old times. It was great to see him again.

The next night we had interviews with the players who made the telecast and then it was off to dinner with the production crew. Where did we eat you ask? That’s right, Ruth’s Chris. Two nights in a row of some serious cow and I was ready for a blood transfusion and an enema. My cholesterol went from 200 to 600. I’m going to lay off the red meat for a while but man, was it good.

Indy is a great bowling town with great fans. I was fortunate to win there in 1999. In the sports bar at the high end of the center there are banners and pictures of all the past champions. It sure is nice to go back and see that year after year.

Congrats to my buddy Norm Duke for snapping off the biggest win of his career. When so much was on the line he backed down from nothing or no one. Way to go, Norm, and congrats on # 27. Well, that’s all for now, I have a party to go to. My little girl is turning 12. See ya.
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