by PBA Editor October 24, 2008 19:00

Missy Bellinder will blog during each tournament, giving indepth, inside information on current happenings at each PBA event.  Check out what's going on at the PBA World Championship in Wichita, Kan.

  • Round of Super 16 Notes:

-Game 6: Rash advances to the Round of 8 after clutch strikes in the 9th and 10th frames to secure the last game victory over McCune186-171.  Winning the match 4-2.

-Game 6: Barnes makes a huge comeback after a 0-2 deficit, defeating Aussie Belmonte 4-2, after Belmonte threw the 3,4,6,7 split in the 10th frame (needing to strike out to have a chance) losing 154-186 the final game.

-Game 4: Duke sweeps Scroggins 4-0, striking out in the 10th the last game with a clutch finish deafeating Scroggins 278-277.  Duke advances to tonight's Round of 8

-Game 4: Koivuniemi sweeps Weber 4-0, advancing to tonight's Round of 8

-Game 4: Barnes making a comeback, defeats Belmonte (who is losing ball reaction) 234-212.  The match is currently tied 2-2

-Game 3: Mika Koivuniemi leads the match against Pete Weber 3-0

-Game 3: The Duke Troop is out in full force today chanting the ever familar DUKKEEEE! after every shot.  The fans had a lot to cheer about during game three where Duke nearly reached perfection shooting 288, after leaving a 4, 7 spare in the 11th frame.  Duke leads 3-0 in the match against Mike Scroggins

-Game 3: Barnes rallies back throwing a clutch strike in the 9th and first shot in the 10th to lock out Belmonte 238-194.  Belmonte leads in the match 2-1 

-Game 2: Belmonte throws a messenger strike the first shot in the 10th, throws it flush for a strike in the second shot and then carries a lucky strike in the fill ball (breaking down the big 4) shooting 247.  This forced Barnes to double in the 10th and get 9 for the win.  Barnes tugged the ball, going threw the face and leaving a 10 pin, thus losing with a 229. 

-Belmonte clenches first game win 236-212, after Barnes leaves a weak 10 pin in the 9th frame and then throwing a bad shot in the 10th (Belmonte struck out in the 10th after the match was already decided)

  • Round of Super 16 Exciting Matchups:

-2007-2008 PBA Player of the Year Chris Barnes vs.2007 World Bowler of the Year Jason Belmonte

-34-time PBA Tour titilist Pete Weber vs. International sensation Mika Koivuniemi of Finland   

  • In last season's PBA World Championship, every bowler who qualified in the top eight and earned two byes into the finals, being seeded into the Round of Super 16 ended up losing.  Will this phenomenon repreat again this year?
  • Round of 16 Exciting Matchups:

-International superstar Mika Koivuniemi of Finland defeated all-time Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour titlist Walter Ray Williams Jr.4-2

  • Tom Baker shot 300 against Mike Mahcuga in game 6 of the Round of 32 match play to advance to Saturday's competition
  • In the Round of 32, Seven out of the 16 matches were sweeps:
  • -Tony Reyes swept George Lambert IV
  • -Brad Angelo swept Tommy Delutz Jr.
  • -Chris Barnes swept Dino Castillo
  • -Mika Koivuniemi swept D.J. Archer
  • -Brian Kretzer swept Mitch Beasley
  • -Bill O'Neill swept Ken Abner
  • -Eugene McCune swept Troy Wollenbecker
  • Jason Belmonte rolled over the competition, leading the field by 240 pins while lofting the left gutter cap 
  • Norm Duke is one step closer to making history by becoming the first player in the PBA's 50 years of existence to win three straight majors and is currently in 2nd place
  • Jason Belmonte of Australia shot 300 during yesterday's third block of qualifying
  • Four Wichita State University Alum qualified for the semifinals - Sean Rash, George Lambert IV, Ryan Abel and Chris Barnes
  • Four international players advanced to today's semifinals - Jason Belmonte of Australia, Mika Koivuniemi of Finland, Lucas Legnani of Argentina and Yannaphon Larpapharat of Thailand
  • Norm Duke fires 816 the first three games of semifinals shooting 279, 268 and 269 to move up to seventh on the leaderboard
  • Rookie exempt bowler Jason Sterner is making a run for the top 40 cut.  Sterner advanced to today's semifinal round after striking out in the 10th frame during a one-game roll-off last night shooting 239, to claim one of two spots into todays semifinals, when three bowlers tied for the final two spots.
  • Tommy Delutz and Randy Weiss tied for the final 40 spot into match play, forcing a one-game roll-off.  Delutz came out victorious defeating Weiss 234-160.
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