PBA Stars Brighten A Child's Life

by PBA Editor January 17, 2008 19:00
A handful of Denny’s PBA Tour stars made Tuesday a very special day for one little boy in California.

Danny Wiseman, along with Parker Bohn III, Tommy Jones, Wes Malott, Ryan Shafer and Pete Weber among others, fulfilled the dream of three-year-old Nathan Fry, who has leukemia.

The cheerful little boy came to Fountain Bowl with his mother and father Tuesday afternoon with the hopes of throwing a couple balls down the lanes and knocking over some pins. What happened was beyond what any three-year-old could dream of.

After Nathan threw a few frames, Danny Wiseman emerged from behind the curtain, stunning the boy. Wiseman gave a shy Nathan a hat, a patch and a variety of PBA souvenirs as Nathan slowly began to realize his hero was in his presence.

Wiseman then joined Nathan on the lanes, helping the young boy convert spares and later helping him strike eight consecutive times with two balls. With every strike, Nathan grew more comfortable and his smile grew wider.

Just as it seemed his day couldn’t get any better, one by one his heroes continued to emerge. Nathan knew them all by name: Wes Malott, Mika Koivuniemi, Chris Barnes, Parker Bohn III.

Nathan, who watched ESPN and ESPN Classic from his hospital bed when he was going through chemotherapy, became the star of the show, high-fiving the players and drawing the awe of the greatest bowlers in the world with his enthusiasm.

As more than an hour of bowling and excitement wore on, Nathan began to grow tired from his amazing day. It may have been one of the best days in the young boy’s life, but little did he know how much he touched the lives of those watching him put his sickness aside and show his enthusiasm for bowling and for life.

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