Patchen Takes Home First Title

by PBA Editor August 1, 2007 19:00
Dave Patchen used a little karmic retribution Thursday to take home his first career PBA Senior Tour title.

After throwing a perfect shot in the ninth frame and leaving a stone 9-pin when a strike would have given him the lead, Patchen watched as Henry Gonzalez left a 2-10 split and opened in the 10th frame needing only a mark to win, giving Patchen a 202-196 win in the title match of the 2007 PBA Senior Council Bluffs Open at Thunderbowl.
The 53-year-old was moved to tears by winning his first title, which didn’t come easy on Thursday.

Patchen needed a 279 in the final game of his best-of-three-games Round of 8 match to beat 10-time PBA Senior Tour titlist Dale Eagle, who came in on a three-match winning streak. He then had to double in the 10th frame against PBA Hall of Famer David Ozio in the semifinals to squeak by with a 245-242 win.

In the title match, it looked like Gonzalez might run away with his third PBA Senior Tour title when Patchen split and opened in the third frame, but Gonzalez was unable to capitalize, and Patchen was able to stay within five pins of Gonzalez until the ninth frame. After Gonzalez left the 3-6-10 and converted, Patchen had a chance to take the lead with a strike, but the 9-pin meant Gonzalez only needed a mark to win.

“That shot in the ninth frame was the best ball I threw all day and it just didn’t go down,” Patchen (Oregon, Ohio) said. “I told (roommate) Tim (Kauble) ‘if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. If not, that’s the way it is.’ When he left that split it was just total shock. I was about ready to cry. I’m just so happy I get a banner.”

Patchen credits his win against Ozio, in which he overcame a 7-10 split in the sixth frame, for giving him the confidence he needed in the title match.

“That match against Ozio was my toughest match. This is the fourth time I’ve bowled him this year and I always bowl well against him but he always seems to get me,” Patchen, who used a Roto Grip Mystic the entire tournament, said. “I figured if I could get past him I’d have a chance.

“I was really nervous against Ozio but I wasn’t nervous in the championship. I felt really comfortable. I guess I figured if I left a 7-10 split (Gonzalez) could leave one too, but I really didn’t think he’d leave that split. My heart is still pounding. This is one of the best days of my life.”

Patchen earned $8,000 for the win, while Gonzalez (Colorado Springs, Colo.) took home $4,500. Ozio (Beaumont, Texas) and Jerry Swank (Chouteau, Okla.), who Gonzalez beat, 230-213, earned $3,000 each for third and fourth, respectively.

The PBA Senior Tour heads to Hammond, Ind., next week for the 2007 PBA Lake County Open, Aug. 6-9 at Olympia Lanes. The winner will take home $8,000.

PBA Senior Tour
PBA Senior Council Bluffs Open
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Thursday, August 2


(Single-game match. Winner earns $8,000. Loser earns $4,500.)

#20 Henry GonzalezXX9/9/X9/X7/Xs81

#7 Dave PatchenXXs72XX9/9/X9/9/X


(Single-game matches. Losers eliminated, earn $3,000.)

#9 Jerry Swank213
#20 Henry Gonzalez230
Gonzalez Advances

#7 Dave Patchen245
#11 David Ozio242
Patchen Advances


(Single elimination, best-of-three-games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,700.)

#16 Don Sylvia194226
#9 Jerry Swank224245
Swank Advances

#12 Keith Sharp192222216
#20 Henry Gonzalez222195268
Gonzalez Advances

#31 Dale Eagle177186217
#7 Dave Patchen236170279
Patchen Advances

#11 David Ozio220245259
#3 Barry Gurney238204226
Ozio Advances

(Single elimination, best-of-five-games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,300.)

#16 Don Sylvia235193216211279
#1 Mika Dias248178212258218
Sylvia Advances

#9 Jerry Swank243279208
#8 Ronald Krippelcz221204200
Swank Advances

#5 Gary Smith184228216225217
#12 Keith Sharp226236193200229
Sharp Advances

#4 Bob Brady232178238189187
#20 Henry Gonzalez217229188210193
Gonzalez Advances

#31 Dale Eagle244279227227279
#2 Vince Mazzanti Jr.227218247268247
Eagle Advances

#26 Rich Holden169190234
#7 Dave Patchen266205236
Patchen Advances

#6 Gary Dickinson207245268210226
#11 David Ozio205235300256279
Ozio Advances

#3 Barry Gurney164163213233
#19 Mel Wolf148211209194
Gurney Advances


(Single elimination, best-of-five-games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,100.)

#17 Kevin Croucher226169156
#16 Don Sylvia245184200
Sylvia Advances

#24 Fred Kaczmarczyk234236199
#9 Jerry Swank248266254
Swank Advances

#12 Keith Sharp226203163232
#21 Michael Henry190170189211
Sharp Advances

#13 Roger Kossert190174201
#20 Henry Gonzalez254235257
Gonzalez Advances

#31 Dale Eagle268209267247
#15 John Shreve Sr.225213183211
Eagle Advances

#26 Rich Holden197257224221244
#10 Sam Zurich236248212256197
Holden Advances

#11 David Ozio253235258
#27 Robert Holzbauer176203229
Ozio Advances

#14 Tom Carter200191240206
#19 Mel Wolf235215226214
Wolf Advances


(Single elimination, best-of-five-games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,000.)

#17 Kevin Croucher167177245234202
#32 Jimmy Johnson168213216219193
Croucher Advances

#25 Chuck Pierce146193217
#24 Fred Kaczmarczyk182194268
Kaczmarczyk Advances

#21 Michael Henry209263215247
#28 Dale Traber199248255185
Henry Advances

#29 Bob Chamberlain231196191169
#20 Henry Gonzalez237244178224
Gonzalez Advances

#18 Terry Norton159191237224
#31 Dale Eagle258225207266
Eagle Advances

#26 Rich Holden247212227
#23 Greg Shields213198184
Holden Advances

#22 Bill Henson182178213
#27 Robert Holzbauer256216237
Holzbauer Advances

#30 George Lord206225202299181
#19 Mel Wolf226192222191248
Wolf Advances

300 games (1) - David Ozio.
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