Dia de Dias

by PBA Editor July 31, 2007 19:00
In an already competitive PBA Senior Rookie of the Year race, Mike Dias is looking to make the race just a little more crowded.

The 50-year-old competing in his first season on the PBA Senior Tour earned the top seed for match play in the 2007 PBA Senior Council Bluffs Open, leading the field with a 3,746 16-game pinfall Wednesday at Thunderbowl.

Dias is looking to follow in the footsteps of fellow rookies Sam Zurich and Sam Maccarone, who have already won titles this season. Another rookie, Kerry Painter, sits 13th in the PBA Senior Point Rankings, while PBA Hall of Famer Steve Cook made two championship round appearances early in the season, though he has been slowed by injuries as of late.

Dias, who has made one match play appearance this season, came out slow Wednesday with a 181 in the first game but recovered quickly to average 244.75 over the next four games, including a 268 in game four. After a 191 in game six, he bounced back to finish the round with games of 212 and 247 to take over the lead and earn one of eight byes into the Round of 16.

“I just got a great ball reaction and only had to throw one ball all day yesterday and that makes adjusting a lot simpler,” Dias (Lafayette, Colo.) said. “I did make some equipment adjustments today and used a different ball for the high end of the house which worked out well. I’m feeling pretty confident right now.”

Dias finished just ahead of three-time PBA Senior Tour champion Vince Mazzanti Jr. (Levittown, Pa.), who fired a 277 in his final game to move into second with 3,728. Mazzanti is followed by Barry Gurney (West Hills, Calif.), a four-time champion who is looking for his first title since 1999. Gurney, who led the morning squad, would become the second oldest PBA Senior Tour champion at the age of 66.

“I’ve been struggling the last five weeks and my good friend Eric Forkel suggested I lay out a ball that give me more length and he was right,” Gurney said of the five-time Denny’s PBA Tour champion. “He prescribed the right antidote and it’s seemed to work so far. Having the right equipment is so important because there are so many good players out here. If you don’t have the right equipment in your hand things can get bad.”

Also earning a bye was PBA Hall of Famer Gary Dickinson (Edmond, Okla.), who finished sixth with 3,668. Dickinson is looking for his 13th career PBA Senior Tour title which would put him one shy of all-time leader John Handegard.

Tuesday’s leader Jimmy Johnson (Bellevue, Neb.) struggled Wednesday and nearly missed the cut, but held on to 32nd with 3,453. He earned the final spot in match play by just three pins over last year’s Rookie of the Year, Bob Kelly (Dayton, Ohio).

Match play gets underway Thursday at 9 a.m. CST. The final two bowlers will square off for the $8,000 top prize Thursday evening at Thunderbowl at 6 p.m.

PBA Senior Tour
PBA Senior Council Bluffs Open
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Wednesday, August 1


(Pos., name, hometown, 16-game pinfall. Positions 1-32 advance. $600 indicates Super Senior check, 60 years and older.)

1, Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 3,746.
2, Vince Mazzanti Jr., Levittown, Pa., 3,728.
3, Barry Gurney, West Hills, Calif., 3,707.
4, Bob Brady, Santa Monica, Calif., 3,706.
5, Gary Smith, E. Peoria, Ill., 3,685.
6, Gary Dickinson, Edmond, Okla., 3,668.
7, Dave Patchen, Oregon, Ohio, 3,661.
8, Ronald Krippelcz, St. Louis, 3,656.
9, Jerry Swank, Chouteau, Okla., 3,647.
10, Sam Zurich, Grant, Fla., 3,643.
11, David Ozio, Beaumont, Texas, 3,625.
12, Keith Sharp, Orlando, Fla., 3,612.
13, Roger Kossert, Lithia, Fla., 3,602.
14, Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill., 3,595.
15, John Shreve Sr., Elyria, Ohio, 3,593.
16, Don Sylvia, Discovery Bay, Calif., 3,591.
17, Kevin Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore., 3,571.
18, Terry Norton, Omaha, Neb, 3,562.
19, Mel Wolf, Jackson, Mich., 3,557.
20, Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3,556.
21, Michael Henry, Brunswick, Ohio, 3,547.
22, Bill Henson, Westerville, Ohio, 3,543.
23, Greg Shields, Independence, Mo., 3,538.
24, Fred Kaczmarczyk, Martinez, Calif, 3,530.
25, Chuck Pierce, Dallas, 3,516.
26, Rich Holden, Chinchilla, Pa., 3,504.
27, (TIE) Robert Holzbauer, Madison, Wis., and Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 3,500.
29, (TIE) Bob Chamberlain, The Villages, Fla., and George Lord, Lakeland, Fla., 3,495.
31, Dale Eagle, Tavares, Fla., 3,459.
32, Jimmy Johnson, Bellevue, Neb., 3,453.
33, Bob Kelly, Dayton, Ohio, 3,450.
34, Michael Chrzanowski, Shepherd, Mich., 3,439.
35, Patrick King, Yankton, S.D., 3,430.
36, Jim Knoblauch, Waukesha, Wis., 3,429.
37, Timothy Kauble, Marion, Ohio, 3,421.
38, Fred Cole, Visalia, Calif, 3,417, $600.
39, Matt Buxton, Jefferson City, Mo., 3,384, $600.
40, Perry Keplinger, Amherst, Ohio, 3,380, $600.
41, Frank Gallo Jr., Newport News, VA., 3,368, $600.
42, Lee Rautenberg, Boca Raton, Fla., 3,364.
43, D.A. Carbone, Broomfield, Colo., 3,355, $600.
44, Ron Garr, Ridgedale, Mo., 3,354, $600.
45, Larry Galloway, Fresno, Calif., 3,341, $600.
46, Bob Oakes, Akron, Ohio, 3,334.
47, Bill McCorkle, Westerville, Ohio, 3,330.
48, Rohn Morton, Vancouver, Wash., 3,329.
49, Darrell Adams, Flintstone, Ga., 3,310.
50, (TIE) Steve Stein, Staten Island, N.Y., and Steven Jansson, Barnes, Wis., 3,300.
52, Shannon Starnes, Fort Worth, Texas, 3,287.
53, Paul Mielens, Menomonie, Wis., 3,281.
54, (TIE) Robert McDonald, Addison, Ill., and Randy Niehaus, Rockford, Ill., 3,277.
56, William Keenan, Jr., Orlando, Fla., 3,252, $600.
57, Sidney Smith, Omaha, Neb., 3,249, $600.
58, David Axon, Bellevue, Neb, 3,245.
59, Lucien Casagrande, Canada, 3,239.
60, John Sharkey, Rapid City, S.D., 3,237.
61, George Hall, Palatine, Ill., 3,230.
62, Thomas Kelley Sr., Omaha, Neb., 3,227.
63, Frank Fiscello, Bloomfield, N.J., 3,223.
64, Marc Lineberry, Camanche, Iowa, 3,220.
65, Mike Polreis, Sioux Falls, S.D., 3,209.
66, James Brenner, LeClaire, Iowa, 3,191.
67, Richard Latvala, Eagan, Minn., 3,172.
68, Ken Waters, Kingsport, Tenn., 3,169.
69, Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 3,162.
70, Michael Evans, Hutchinson, Kans, 3,124.
71, Dale Diamond, Springfield, Ill., 3,121.
72, Richard Hunt, Valparaiso, Ind., 3,120.
73, Leo Plaia, New Orleans, 3,117.
74, Jay Aono, Boise, Idaho, 3,115.
75, (TIE) Richard Nardozza, Clearfield, Pa., and Jerry Lau, St. Peters, Mo., 3,112.
77, Dave Gualeni, Gladstone, Mo., 3,095.
78, Pete Heim, Omaha, Neb., 3,090.
79, Dave Bernhardt, Shelby Twp., Mich., 3,082.
80, Robert Teeters, Lapel, Ind., 3,074.
81, Fred Baldwin, Sturgis, Mich, 3,029.
82, Dan Duskin Sr, Atlantic, Iowa, 3,028.
83, Daniel Miner, East Moline, Ill., 3,025.
84, Daniel Osborn, Beatrice, Neb, 3,010.
85, Ron Woodruff, Emporia, Kan., 2,989.
86, Will Friedrich, Green Bay, Wis., 2,966.
87, Keith Hennricks, Green Bay, Wis., 2,952.
88, James Scott, Villa Park, Ill, 2,918.
89, Jim Wynne Sr., Bemidji, Minn., 2,860.
90, John Twitchell, Ankeny, Iowa, 2,826.
91, Chuck Huckelberry, Rockford, Ill., 2,728.
92, Steven Wiles, Carthage, Mo., 1,680 (WD).
93, Robert Hoddick, Kansas City, Mo, 1,674 (WD).

300 games (2) - Jerry Swank, Mel Wolf.
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