Fire & Ice Cool Off Southside Playas

by PBA Editor June 30, 2007 19:00

Recently crowned 2006-07 PBA Player of the Year Doug Kent almost had to drop out of the GEICO® PBA All-Star Shootout Hosted by Six Flags, but as it turned out it was Kent who bailed out teammate Danny Wiseman to save their first match of the event.

Kent, who woke up the morning of the event’s first day with the flu, converted Wiseman’s 2-7 split in the opening frame to give his team five bonus pins, then struck with a crucial first shot in the 10th frame to lead “Fire and Ice” to a 205-185 win over the “Southside Playas” team of Jason Couch and Billy Oatman.

Kent and Wiseman were scheduled to bowl two matches on the first day but Kent’s illness pushed their first match back to day two, giving Kent time in the morning to get well for their afternoon match against the Southside Playas, who had won the opening match of the event.

Wiseman didn’t make it easy on his partner, leaving a 2-7 split with his first shot. The alternate shot doubles format calls for teammates to pick up each others spare attempts, and Kent converted the split to give his team five bonus pins, one of two special scoring elements in the event.

Both teams struggled to strike throughout the match, but Kent and Wiseman clung to a slight lead before Kent left a 6-7-10 split for an open in the ninth frame. Kent redeemed himself with a strike in the 10th, and Wiseman followed with a strike, but Kent could not close out regulation with 10 in the pit, which would have given their team the opportunity for an “endless 10th frame,” where additional strikes would be worth 10 bonus pins.

That meant Couch and Oatman had a chance to win the match with a strike on their first shot in the 10th, but Oatman left a 2-4-7-10 split and Couch failed to convert, giving Fire and Ice the win.

In the second match, the “Finn to Win” team of Chris Barnes and Mika Koivuniemi took down “Big and Rich,” featuring 2005-06 PBA Player of the Year Tommy Jones and 2006-07 PBA World Point Rankings leader Wes Malott, 255-184.

Jones and Malott got off to a bad start as Jones failed to convert Malott’s single-pin spare in the first frame.

After Barnes and Koivuniemi had back-to-back eight-spares to open the match, they rattled off four consecutive strikes in frames 3-6 and later had another four-bagger in frames 8-10, while Jones and Malott struck just once in the first eight frames.

The Young Gun duo still had a chance late in the match as Malott struck on their fill ball giving them an endless 10th frame opportunity, but needing eight consecutive strikes, Jones left an eight count to give Barnes and Koivuniemi the win.

The special doubles event features 16 of the PBA’s biggest stars teaming up in a round-robin group play format. The top team in the Dick Weber Group and the Earl Anthony Group advances to the championship round.

Round robin match play continues next weekend as four more matches will air Sunday, July 8 at 3 p.m. ET.

Denny’s PBA Tour

GEICO® PBA All-Star Shootout Hosted by Six Flags

Six Flags St. Louis

Eureka, Mo.

Sunday, July 1


Dick Weber Group

Doug Kent-Danny Wiseman def. Jason Couch-Billy Oatman, 205-185

Earl Anthony Group

Chris Barnes-Mika Koivuniemi def. Tommy Jones-Wes Malott, 255-184


Dick Weber Group

Kent-Wiseman   1-0
Couch-Oatman   1-1
Rash-Weber   0-1
Reyes-Smith   0-0

Earl Anthony Group

Barnes-Koivuniemi   1-0
Duke-Williams   1-0
Allen-Bohn   0-1
Jones-Malott   0-1
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