Southside Playas, Will Duke 'Em Tally Wins

by PBA Editor June 23, 2007 19:00

Jason Couch and Billy Oatman started the first outdoor PBA event since 2001 with a bang, defeating hometown favorite Pete Weber and teammate Sean Rash, 290-277, in the GEICO® PBA All-Star Shootout Hosted by Six Flags at Six Flags St. Louis.

The special doubles event features 16 of the PBA’s biggest stars teaming up in a round-robin group play format. The top team in each group advances to the championship round. The event also features two special rules: five bonus pins are awarded for each split converted, and teams striking on their fill ball are allowed to continue shooting until they do not strike in the “endless 10th frame.”

The first match featured a near perfect game as Couch and Oatman, dubbed the “Southside Playas,” were unstoppable after a seven-spare in the first frame. They went on to strike 11 consecutive times to finish their 12 frames with 290. Weber and Rash, aka “Midwest Mafia,” were nearly as flawless as they also struck 11 times, but a seven-spare in the sixth frame gave the team 277 through 12 frames. Because Weber and Rash struck on their fill ball, they had a chance to pass Couch and Oatman with two more strikes, but Rash left a nine count, meaning Couch and Oatman didn’t need to take their endless 10th frame shots.

In the second match, the legendary team of Norm Duke and Walter Ray Williams Jr., who own a combined 68 Denny’s PBA Tour titles, defeated left-handers Patrick Allen and Parker Bohn III, 228-219. Duke and Williams, going by the name “Will Duke ‘Em,” converted the first split of the competition to earn five bonus pins when Williams left the 2-8 in the fourth frame but Duke converted. The team missed a single-pin conversion in the eighth frame, giving Allen and Bohn, dubbed “Smooth and Slick,” a chance to take the lead by striking on their fill ball and taking the match to extra frames. After Bohn and Allen struck with their first two shots in the 10th frame, Bohn got just nine on the fill ball, missing out on a chance to extend the match.

All eight teams will bowl three games of round robin match play, with the top team in both the Dick Weber Group and the Earl Anthony Group moving on based on overall record.

The next two matches in the GEICO PBA All-Star Shootout Hosted by Six Flags will air Sunday, July 1 at 1 p.m. ET. Chris Barnes and Mika Koivuniemi will take on Tommy Jones and Wes Malott while Doug Kent and Danny Wiseman will face off against Couch and Oatman.

Denny’s PBA Tour

GEICO® PBA All-Star Shootout Hosted by Six Flags

Six Flags St. Louis

Eureka, Mo.

Sunday, June 24


Dick Weber Group

Jason Couch-Billy Oatman (Southside Playas) def. Pete Weber-Sean Rash (Midwest Mafia), 290-277

Earl Anthony Group

Norm Duke-Walter Ray Williams Jr. (Will Duke ‘Em) def. Patrick Allen-Parker Bohn (Smooth and Slick), 228-219

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