Ross is Boss

by PBA Editor June 12, 2007 19:00
In a match that looked like he might be done in early, Ross Packard battled back to defeat Bob Chamberlain, 190-168, to earn his second career PBA Senior Tour title in the 2007 PBA Senior Tucson Open.

After leaving opens in two of his first frames, Packard responded with three consecutive strikes while Chamberlain battled opens in his third and fourth frames after striking in the first two.

Chamberlain doubled to put the pressure on Packard before leaving a third open in the seventh frame. Packard took advantage sandwiching a strike between two nine-spares.

With Packard watching, Chamberlain could have forced him to double in the 10th frame to win, but instead left a 10-pin to open in the ninth and a fifth open in the 10th to finish with 168 giving Packard the win.

“The three strikes helped out tremendously,” said Packard (San Jose, Calif.). “I got off to a bad start, but luckily he wasn’t able to jump out so far. I made a bad shot and then I missed a spare in the third and I paid for it. I got the three-bagger after that and was able to bounce back.”

The win marked Packard’s second career PBA Senior Tour Title after winning the 2005 PBA Senior Northern California Classic.

Packard, who entered match play on Wednesday seeded 18th, missing the 16th seed and a bye past the Round of 24 and ironically a possible Round of 8 match with Chamberlain by nine pins, used an 11-3 record to advance to the semifinals where he defeated amateur Terry Leong, 248-170. Packard’s biggest win before the title came in the Round of 16 when he defeated second-seeded Kevin Croucher, three-games-to-one.

Chamberlain, the top seed in match play, swept Michael Henry (Brunswick, Ohio) in the Round of 16 before defeating PBA Hall of Famer Ernie Schlegel (Vancouver, Wash.), 2-1. David Ozio gave Chamberlain a major test in the semifinals before falling, 223-207.

Packard took home $8,000 for the victory, while Chamberlain earned $4,500 for second. Leong and Ozio took home $3,000 each for third and fourth.

The PBA Senior Tour heads to Las Vegas next for the first of two Majors of the season. The PBA Senior U.S. Open presented by Suncoast takes place June 17-22 at Suncoast Bowling Center. The winner will take home $20,000 and a birth into the 2008 PBA Tournament of Champions.

PBA Senior Tour
2007 PBA Senior Tucson Open
Golden Pin Lanes
Tucson, Ariz.
Wednesday, June 13

(Single-game match. Winner earns $8,000, loser earns $4,500.)

#18 Ross Packard9-XS62XXX9/X9/9/7
#1 Bob ChamberlainXX81S72XX7/X9-S71


(Single-game matches. Losers eliminated, earn $3,000)

#1 Bob Chamberlain223
#4 David Ozio207
Chamberlain Advances
#18 Ross Packard248
#30 Terry Leong170
Packard Advances


(Single elimination, best-of-three games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,700.)

#1 Bob Chamberlain247222248
#9 Ernie Schlegel234289205
Chamberlain Advances
#12 Steve Ferraro215245195
#4 David Ozio258225227
Ozio Advances
#18 Ross Packard214217228
#7 Vince Mazzanti Jr.234201223
Packard Advances
#11 Henry Gonzalez250213233
#30 Terry Leong202300248
Leong Advances


(Single elimination, best-of-five games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,300.)

#16 Michael Henry183172166
#1 Bob Chamberlain203213192
Chamberlain Advances
#9 Ernie Schlegel196256216
#8 Roger Kossert180201187
Schlegel Advances
#5 Tony Maresca208204278192
#12 Steve Ferraro246215193237
Ferraro Advances
#4 David Ozio210230235
#13 Jim Brenner193214192
Ozio Advances
#18 Ross Packard213237222237
#2 Kevin Croucher233218163184
Packard Advances
#26 Ron Garr199143210241
#7 Vince Mazzanti Jr.191258229247
Mazzanti Advances
#6 Don Sylvia242257279213179
#11 Henry Gonzalez246236225246265
Gonzalez Advances
#3 Tom Baker181222254244
#30 Terry Leong268249217245
Leong Advances


(Single elimination, best-of-five games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,100.)

#17 George Lord193185237206
#16 Michael Henry265289214267
Henry Advances
#24 Steven Jansson177195226
#9 Ernie Schlegel235238247
Schlegel Advances
#12 Steve Ferraro226215278244269
#28 Bill McCorkle236248251179222
Ferraro Advances
#13 Jim Brenner269237209245
#20 Sam Zurich289202205237
Brenner Advances
#18 Ross Packard226225227274
#15 Aron Lipshy276172198204
Packard Advances
#26 Ron Garr270246256245
#10 Vinnie Atria277242235213
Garr Advances
#11 Henry Gonzalez249235279
#27 Gary Skidmore199184216
Gonzalez Advances
#14 Joe Salvemini226257247 (29)245237
#30 Terry Leong222230247 (30)258265
Leong Advances


(Single elimination, best-of-five games. Losers eliminated, earn $1,000.)

#17 George Lord256249182279
#32 Rohn Morton216217243193
Lord Advances
#25 Dave Soutar210205196223
#24 Steven Jansson297184257258
Jansson Advances
#21 Bob Handley182201204
#28 Bill McCorkle289249227
McCorkle Advances
#29 Tom Carter215232255
#20 Sam Zurich245238256
Zurich Advances
#18 Ross Packard258268268
#31 Pete Bryan224189172
Packard Advances
#26 Ron Garr222214255279
#23 Ron Winger225210245200
Garr Advances
#22 Gary Hiday226221237226
#27 Gary Skidmore214234248244
Skidmore Advances
#30 Terry Leong249269289257
#19 Bob Kelly258220217177
Leong Advances
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