by PBA Editor April 30, 2007 19:00
After bowling part-time on the PBA Senior Tour the last three seasons, David Ozio showed Tuesday night a full season of the PBA Hall of Famer could be a scary predicament for the rest of the Tour.

Ozio captured the season-opening PBA Senior Manassas Open at Bowl America Manassas, knocking off fellow PBA Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia, 258-232, to win his second career PBA Senior Tour title.

The 2004 PBA Senior Rookie of the Year handed Petraglia his only loss of the day after he went 6-0 in match play to advance to the final. Petraglia was looking for his first win on the PBA Senior Tour since 2001.

Petraglia (Manalapan, N.J.) held the lead midway through the match. Facing an important shot in the 7th frame, Ozio chose to re-rack the right lane twice. The move paid off as he struck to stay close to Petraglia who then made a key mistake in the 8th frame when he chopped a 3-6 spare attempt. Ozio responded with four consecutive strikes to close out the match.

“That rack was closed and all week it was blower 7-10 when that happened. When you’re under that much pressure, and with that much adrenaline going, you tend to throw it hard so I was trying to slow it down. I didn’t want to throw a rocket,” Ozio said. “(Norm) Duke taught me to have all the different tools in the tool box. When you’re bowling the caliber of these players you are never comfortable until the wood is out.”

With his first victory since the 2004 PBA Senior U.S. Open, Ozio will be a force on this year’s Tour which is loaded with PBA Hall of Famers and other senior stars.

“I’m back to bowling for a living and I never thought that would be the case. This last year has been pretty amazing. I have bowled really well the whole year and it’s indescribable to get into synch like that,” Ozio (Beaumont, Texas) said. “This was an interesting week in that early in the week my pin carry was so bad that I spent three days trying to get the corner pins out. I made a big swing change the second game of the second round and after that I averaged 250 for the rest of the block. It managed to hold all the way through.”

To get to the finals, Ozio had to knock off two-time defending PBA Senior Player of the Year Tom Baker, 212-206, in the semifinal. Baker (King, N.C.) could have doubled in the 10th to lock out Ozio, but he left a 10-pin on his first shot in the 10th, and Ozio doubled for the win.

Petraglia advanced to the title match with a 258-195 win over Rohn Morton (Vancouver, Wash.)

The PBA Senior Tour next heads to Rockford, Ill., for the 2007 Hammer Ladies and Legends presented by the Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association, May 5-10, at The Cherry Bowl. It marks he first PBA Ladies and Legends event since 1996. The top 24 senior bowlers and top 24 females after qualifying will team up for match play and a chance to take home $15,000.

PBA Senior Tour
PBA Senior Manassas Open
Bowl America Manassas
Manassas, Va.
Tuesday, May 1


(Single-game match. Winner earns $8,000. Loser earns $4,500.)

#5 David Ozio258
#7 Johnny Petraglia232

(Single-game matches. Losers eliminated, earn $3,000.)

#1 Tom Baker206
#5 David Ozio212
Ozio Advances

#7 Johnny Petraglia258
#3 Rohn Morton195
Petraglia Advances

(Best-of-three-games match play. Losers eliminated, earn $1,700.)

#1 Tom Baker249287
#25 Pete Couture188213
Baker advances

#5 David Ozio244215
#4 Kerry Painter173162
Ozio Advances

#15 Kevin Croucher247194
#7 Johnny Petraglia269215
Petraglia Advances

#6 Ray Johnson202246
#3 Rohn Morton237258
Morton Advances

(Best-of-five-games match play. Losers eliminated, earn $1,300.)

BowlersGm. 1Gm. 2Gm. 3Gm. 4Gm. 5
#32 Bob Chamberlain239258198199201
#1 Tom Baker214237218279225
Baker Advances

#25 Pete Couture235201225
#8 Sam Zurich226200177
Couture Advances

#5 David Ozio246278236255
#21 Bobby Hall258185191237
Ozio Advances

#4 Kerry Painter215206229203278
#13 Mark Lineberry175169231230166
Painter Advances

#15 Kevin Croucher209236165214
#2 Dale Eagle183232247207
Croucher Advances

#10 Michael Lessar215203182
#7 Johnny Petraglia246242194
Petraglia Advances

#6 Ray Johnson224157212 (10)259215
#27 Jim Wolfe257219212 (9)257192
Johnson Advances

#3 Rohn Morton213228227257258
#14 Larry Galloway259212239195201
Morton Advances

(Best-of-five-games match play. Losers eliminated, earn $1,100.)

#32 Bob Chamberlain247215226227
#16 Don Patterson185170258158
Chamberlain Advances

#25 Pete Couture210257170236240
#9 Larry Graybeal217208253224214
Couture Advances

#12 Roger LeClair215188254
#21 Bobby Hall221214258
Hall Advances

#13 Mark Lineberry209246235224258
#20 Bill McCorkle279218224241233
Lineberry Advances

#18 Tom Carter180279269181191
#15 Kevin Croucher223203197204252
Croucher Advances

#26 Tim Kauble203219248229180
#10 Michael Lessar201277236258206
Lessar Advances

#11 Martin Letscher188215213181
#27 Jim Wolfe245180279198
Wolfe Advances

#14 Larry Galloway248218216202268
#19 Jim Brenner246226201238226
Galloway Advances

(Best-of-five-games match play. Losers eliminated, earn $1,000.)

#17 Steve Ferraro225246216204170
#32 Bob Chamberlain258221230191268
Chamberlain Advances

#25 Pete Couture196226229228235
#24 Steve Cook209225196248214
Couture Advances

#21 Bobby Hall194258214248
#28 George Lord213207179212
Hall Advances

#29 Kenneth Gibson188202235
#20 Bill McCorkle227217256
McCorkle Advances

#18 Tom Carter290245249
#31 Vince Mazzanti Jr.190192169
Carter Advances

#26 Tim Kauble278236248
#23 Richard Nardozza220233208
Kauble Advances

#22 Michael Henry200245200181
#27 Jim Wolfe210166237223
Wolfe Advances

#30 Jim Brenner279218207177245
#19 Dave Bernhardt187238203186194
Brenner Advances
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