Not So Deep Thoughts

by Randy Peterson December 13, 2007 19:00
By Randy Pedersen

WOW, what a show last week. I don’t know about you, but that four-man match was awesome. What a performance by Chris Barnes, Chris Warren and Mike DeVaney. Sorry Walter Ray, you can’t win every week. Kudos to DeVaney for a great comeback and a wonderful tournament. Mike finally showed some of that great personality. And for a guy who looks like he could give Kobayashi a run for his money in a hotdog eating contest, DeVaney also showed that he’s one of the best bowlers on Tour. I think Mike will win again before the season ends. Great bowling, MD.

The feel good story of the year has to go to Chris Warren. He made his first show in 12 years. This guy’s been through hell and back, admittedly from his own doing. He showed this past Sunday that he still has mad skills. It’s nice to see him bowling well again after so much adversity. Keep it going Chris.

Well, last week I pointed out some young guns to watch for and, lo and behold, Rhino Page makes the show. Oh, by the way, he made it out of the TQR again this week, then leads the Round of 64 and is the No. 1 seed heading into match play. Could we be seeing the next great player on the Denny’s PBA Tour? It’s hard to argue with some of the numbers this kid has been putting up week after week.

Now, getting back to last week’s telecast when I asked Rob Stone for a nickname. Remember he called me P-Man on the air, and then followed it up with Princess? Well, for all you RP fans I just wanted you to know that I kicked him in the balls after the show. Ok, I didn’t really. Rob is great and a lot of fun to work with. Give him some time to learn our sport. Remember, he came in not knowing ANYTHING about bowling.

If you must know my last nickname on Tour while I was competing full-time was SPIKE. I know, I know, SPIKE? My old roommates Ron Palombi Jr. and Sam Maccarone named me that. I have no idea why. I’m sure my friends in the chat rooms came up with some good ones; it’s too bad we can’t print them. If any of you out there has a legitimate new nickname for me, send it to the PBA and if we like it I’ll mention it on the air along with the person who came up with it.

See ya next week. Be safe!

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