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by Shawn Rash November 27, 2007 19:00
This season, Sean Rash is blogging his life on the Denny's PBA Tour for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website in Seattle, Wash. Follow his blog all season long on either www.seattle-pi.com or PBA.com.

Denny’s PBA Tour - CLR Windy City Classic
Vernon Hills, Illinois
By Sean Rash

Monday November 19th, 2007

There’s nothing like starting the week off with some rest. I was able to sleep in today and not worry about much. I feel good because it’s Thanksgiving week. I’m looking forward to an awesome meal my mom has decided to cook for everyone in the bowling event.

The only thing I need to do today is laundry and watch my Denver Broncos play Monday Night Football vs. the Tennessee Titans. With Denver winning tonight it would put them in a tie for first place in the division.

Tuesday November 20th, 2007

My parents arrive in Chicago today from Alaska. Mom and Dad are in town for the week to watch me compete and at the end of the week we hope I’m on the show, but if not we are going to the Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos game on Sunday at Soldier Field.

Sara has class until 11 and then we are heading to Vernon Hills to our hotel. I have a meeting at 3 p.m. with Brunswick that is going to last all afternoon. After my meeting, my parents and Sara and I go to Champps to have a few cocktails and eat.

Wednesday November 21st, 2007

Sara and I got up early and went to breakfast at our main sponsor, Denny’s. Practice day is always a fun day because we get to watch the Tour Qualifying Round and how the lanes are going to transition. I took my balls off the PBA truck and loaded them up in the player paddock.

I felt pretty good this week after practice even though we were competing on my toughest pattern: the Shark pattern. After practice, I got a quick snack to eat because it was my turn to bowl Pro-Am on Wednesday night.

It’s always a good time bowling with our fans. With one game to go, Kenny Abner and I were getting our fans to see who could strike the most and get done the fastest. It was a lot of fun and ended up with Kenny winning the roll off because my ball hit the sweep.

Thursday November 22nd, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Yes, we have to compete on a holiday like other major sports. This year will be very special because I haven’t spent a holiday with my parents in more than 12 years, mostly because I’m always traveling for bowling.

The other great thing today is that I’m getting to eat a home-cooked meal for the first time in a long time. My mother decided to cook for the entire PBA Tour. There were around 120 people or so that ended up eating during our break in between rounds. I was told this was the first time ever there was food for the athletes made by a family member of a bowler at the local center.

The hardest part of the day was our families meeting. Sara was so nervous about this for weeks. But it was easy. Everyone was there to spend time together and cheer me on bowling.

Oh yeah, we bowl today, so 14 games of bowling spilt up into two rounds is always a long day for me. So if you don’t think we are athletes, I challenge anyone to try and come do this for 21 weeks!

After the first round I was in third place and felt good about my block. After block two I fell to seventh but was in good shape for our round robin match play this week.

I drilled a few balls during the day and for Friday’s match play. I’m looking for a long day of good bowling tomorrow.

Friday November 23rd, 2007

Well, this round robin format might be one I need to work on. I sometimes focus too much on trying to win the matches (each win gives you 30 bonus pins) instead of just bowling and letting the wins and losses take care of themselves. I started the day in seventh and fell to 17th before the position round for the first block. I bowled a 278 game to move into 13th and was able to continue bowling in the second block later that night. The second block of match play, I started off slow and was getting nine pins when everyone else was striking. I found myself in 16th when it was all said and done.

Overall, I was very happy with the week bowling-wise. I bowled well on a pattern that isn’t my best and I made it to the top 16 which I dint do last year in this format. Congrats to the five guys who made the show. The position round game saw a bunch of highlights and changes, including Robert Smith going from fifth to first in the final game. The TV show should be really exciting.

After bowling on Fridays, you will always be able to go to dinner or go out with a few of the guys to a great place to hang out and enjoy the nightlife. Well, this week, a bunch of us got together and had a great time.

Saturday November 24th, 2007

Since I bowled the Pro-Am on Wednesday, I have today off to relax and do whatever I need to. During the week, I was asked to come to the bowling center at Noon to watch a Junior Travel League and hang out for a bit. Wes Malott, Richie Allen and I were all there for about two hours hanging out, signing autographs and taking pictures, but most of all giving advice to kids about the pattern they were bowling on and just helping in any way possible.

I enjoy doing things like this because it’s always nice to give back when you have been given so much. I wish when I was growing up I had the opportunities these kids had this day.

After hanging out for a few hours, I went to lunch with my boss from Brunswick and talked about some future things with my contract and our company.

After lunch, it was time to go take a nap since the night before was so long. After nap time, the family and Sara and I went to Champps to watch the college football game of the week: Kansas vs. Missouri. I was pulling for Kansas since I live there now but Missouri came up with the win. Good luck to them vs. Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game.

Sunday November 25th, 2007

Well, another week and no TV show for me. It’s always disappointing not making the show when you’ve had a good week. Every week you want to make it to Sunday because that’s the only place to be.

I still had to get up early because I was asked to do a photo shoot for the USBC and U.S. Bowler magazine. They wanted to do some photos of me on the TV set. Hopefully it all turned out well. We will see soon I guess.

After the photo shoot, Sara, my parents and I headed downtown to Chicago’s Navy Pier. My dad has never seen anything but the airport in Chicago so it was nice to be able to sightsee a little bit. We ate lunch at Bubba Gumps. If you don’t remember that name just watch the movie “Forrest Gump.”

After lunch, we walked down Michigan Avenue and went shopping for a little bit and tried to catch the end of all the sales. After we spent a few bucks it was time to head to the football game.

Okay, the short version: The Bears really got lucky and my Broncos gave the game away.

Okay, the long version: It was so cold at the game. It rained, snowed, hailed and I am glad we brought blankets and hats and gloves. As for the football game, it was awesome. One of the best games I had ever seen besides the fact that my team lost. Devin Hester ran back two touchdowns. Why teams kick to him, I don’t understand.

For two teams that haven’t had good seasons, they are looking like teams that might be good in the future. The toughest part of the game was Sara being a Bears fan and my family being Broncos fans.

After the game, Sara and I drove back to DeKalb. As soon as we got back (around 9:30) we both went to bed.

So overall, the week was awesome. It’s always nice for friends and family to get together and celebrate the holidays. Thanks to my parents for coming to visit and to Sara for making sure I got everywhere and did everything I needed to do. I’m headed home tomorrow and can’t wait to see my bed for a night.

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Gobble, Gobble
Rash's mom, Diana, had many people to thank for the dinner she cooked on Thursday.

"My husband, Gene, and Sean’s girlfriend, Sara Gallandez, helped me shop and pick up the groceries. Tracy Weber cooked the mashed potatoes and made some wonderful green bean casserole. Leslie Bohn made a corn dish and also wrapped knives, spoons and forks in the napkins. Tracy's friend, Kathy, and her daughters cut up all of the pies. Shelly Kalfas and Julie Himmler also helped with setting up for the dinner. Last but not least, Sam, the cafe manager, let us use his coolers for storage and helped run the ovens."





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