John Gant

by PBA Editor October 16, 2000 19:00
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Turned heads in his first year on Tour by winning his first title in Denver and collecting PBA Rookie of the Year honors. In 1986 Gant led the Tour in average and added another title to his resume the following year. He returned to the Tour full-time after a five-year absence in 1995 and promptly won the Johnny Petraglia Open in his first year back. In 1997 he won the PBA's most prestigious event, the Tournament of Champions, and earned nearly $100,000 for the season. PERSONAL FACTS: Gant was a top baseball pitching prospect as a youngster, sporting a 90-plus mile-an-hour fastball. In 1988, he quit the Tour to take care of his two children while his wife began a successful career as a surgeon. OUTLOOK FOR THE FUTURE: The "Buzzsaw" is back to playing the Tour on a part-time basis, but his wicked strike ball still makes him a factor at any time.
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