Kulick takes 2010 USBC Queens title

by Jason Thomas April 29, 2010 03:26


EL PASO, Texas - Kelly Kulick proved she could beat the men earlier this year and Wednesday she came out on top against a field of the top women bowlers in the world, earning her second United States Bowling Congress Queens title.

The Union, N.J., native climbed the five-player stepladder, winning four consecutive matches, and defeating top seed Tennelle Milligan of Arlington, Texas, 232-188, to win the Queens at the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center.

Kulick, the No. 4 seed, made sports history when she became the first woman to win a title on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour in January by defeating Chris Barnes, 265-195, to win the PBA Tournament of Champions. On Wednesday, she added her third career major women's title to her resume.

"I feel like I've been carrying a four-leaf clover in my pocket and have had luck on my side lately," said Kulick, who earned $25,000 for the victory. "This has been the ride of a lifetime. The only way it gets better at this point is if in three months I'm driving a Lexus and have a million dollar endorsement deal."

The 2007 Queens champion and 2003 U.S. Women's Open champion, Kulick got ahead early in the match and never looked back against Milligan. Kulick threw four consecutive strikes from the fourth to the seventh frame, while Milligan failed to double in that stretch.

"It's heartbreaking for Tennelle because I know what a stellar performance she had all week," said Kulick, who was the runner-up to Liz Johnson at the 2009 Queens. "I just had a good performance all week long as well and it was just about getting to the show and seeing what would happen."

Milligan, the 2005 Queens and 2000 U.S. Women's Open champion, said she was pleased with her performance this week despite losing in the title match.

"I was excited, nervous, pumped up and ready to go out there and put on a good show," said Milligan, who earned $15,000 for second. "I just went out there and overthrew the ball. Once I calmed down, everything fell into place, but when you are bowling a game on TV, it's the fastest game of your life."

In reaching the title match, Kulick took out USBC Hall of Famer Anne Marie Duggan of Edmond, Okla., 226-176. With the third place finish and a $10,000 prize, Duggan became the fifth woman to earn $1 million in her career, joining Wendy Macpherson, Tish Johnson, Aleta Sill and Leanne Barrette-Hulsenberg.

Kulick escaped with a victory over Missy Bellinder of Fullerton, Calif., 220-212, in the match before when Bellinder left a pocket 7-10 split in the final frame. Kulick threw the last five strikes to force Bellinder to mark in the 10th frame, which she failed to do.

"I made an adjustment on that lane after I had the messenger take out the 10 pin on the previous shot," Bellinder said. "I moved a little bit right and squared up. Off my hand I thought I threw it perfect, and that's all you can really do."

To open the championship round, Kulick defeated Michelle Feldman of Auburn, N.Y., 186-170. After Kulick left the 4-7-10 split in the ninth frame and spared in the 10th, Feldman had a chance to throw two strikes and a five count to win, but left a 10 pin on her first shot.

The Queens, which will be rebroadcast on ESPN2 on Sunday, May 2 at 3:30 p.m. EDT, featured a field of 201 of the top female bowlers in the world competing for a total prize fund of $166,750. Storm Bowling Products is the official ball company of the 2010 USBC Queens.

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United States Bowling Congress
The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.

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Bowl with US

(At the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center, El Paso, Texas)
Wednesday's Results    


Match 1
Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., def. Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 186-170. (Feldman finishes fifth, earns $6,000.)

Match 2
Kulick def. Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif., 220-212. (Bellinder finishes fourth, earns $8,000.)

Match 3
Kulick def. Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., 226-176. (Duggan finishes third, earns $10,000.)

Match 4
Kulick def. Tennelle Milligan, Arlington, Texas, 232-188. (Milligan finishes second, earns $15,000; Kulick finishes first, earns $25,000.)

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Milligan is top seed for 2010 USBC Queens finals

by Jason Thomas April 27, 2010 17:31


EL PASO, Texas - Tennelle Milligan of Arlington, Texas, was the only competitor to run through match play undefeated at the 2010 United States Bowling Congress Queens and finds herself one victory away from claiming her second USBC Queens title.

The 2005 Queens champion defeated USBC Hall of Famer Anne Marie Duggan of Edmond, Okla., 793-598, to claim the top spot in the stepladder championship round, which will be televised live on ESPN2 on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT.

Duggan, the 1994 Queens champion, is the second seed and will be joined on the live televised final by No. 3 seed Missy Bellinder of Fullerton, Calif., fourth seed and 2007 Queens champion Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J., and No. 5 seed Michelle Feldman of Auburn, N.Y.

Milligan also was the top seed in her 2005 victory when she defeated Duggan for the title, so she knows the importance of absorbing as much information as she can with the title being decided in one game, versus the format used throughout match play which consisted of three-game series with total pinfall determining who would advance.

"The obvious advantage is that I only need to win one game," said Milligan, a five-time member of Team USA. "I also get to watch the games before I bowl. With only one game it's really important for me to learn as much as I can because it's do or die."

The four-time PWBA titlist got stronger from match-to-match at the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center, as she averaged 234.83 throughout match play.
After just getting by USBC Hall of Famer Tish Johnson of Colorado Springs, Colo., 661-659, in her first match Tuesday morning, Milligan went on to defeat Christine Bator of Warren, Mich., 741-605, and Bellinder, 763-741, before meeting up with Duggan.

In the rematch of the 2005 Queens final, Milligan tossed the record ninth 300 game of the 2010 event.

"There were a lot of tough matches over the past two days. The matches against Tish and Missy were really big," Milligan said. "Sometimes there is tension in these matches, but against Anne we both decided to go out and just relax and have fun. And you always have fun when you're throwing strikes."

Knowing that a $25,000 first-place check is just one game away, she looks to enjoy the spotlight and make the most of the opportunity to take home her second tiara.

"I'm going to go out there and have fun no matter what," Milligan said. "We don't get the opportunity to do something like this too often anymore, so we'll see what we can do."

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Defending USBC Senior Queens champion Janine Primrose of Gardnerville, Nev., is one match away from becoming the first competitor in Senior Queens history to win back-to-back titles.

She remained undefeated in match play for the second straight year and will face Char Hammel of Las Vegas in the three-game total-pinfall finals. With the double-elimination format, Hammel will have to defeat Primrose twice if she is to claim her first Senior Queens victory.

Primrose defeated Hammel to reach the championship match, 657-647, forcing Hammel to the contenders bracket. For the chance to face Primrose a second time, Hammel knocked out USBC Hall of Famer and 2009 Senior Queens runner-up Dana Miller-Mackie of Albuquerque, N.M., 642-615.

"For tomorrow, I'm just going to try and stay calm, avoid mistakes and hope to catch a few breaks, too," Primrose said. "I'm just so happy to be here. To go back-to-back would just be awesome."

The finals of the Senior Queens will be live streamed on BOWL.com starting at Noon EDT.

United States Bowling Congress
The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.

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Bowl with US

At El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center
Tuesday's Results

Match play
Double elimination, three-game matches decided by total pinfall
(Name/hometown followed by three-game pinfall total)


Round 2

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Keller, Texas, def. Karen Boyd, Plantation, Fla., 724-601
Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif., def. Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 686-667
Tennelle Milligan, Arlington, Texas, def. Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, 661-659
Christine Bator, Warren, Mich., def. Kim Terrell-Kearney, Grand Prairie, Texas, 667-594
Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., def. Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 746-561
Jodi Woessner, Oregon, Ohio, def. Clara Guerrero, Pflugerville, Texas, 685-675
Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., def. Leanne Hulsenberg, Roseville, Calif., 553-512
Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., def. Kathy Tribbey, Dundee, Ore., 666-658

Round 3

Bellinder def. Dorin-Ballard, 754-697
Milligan def. Bator, 741-605
Kulick def. Woessner, 766-626
Duggan def. Feldman, 677-641

Round 4

Milligan def. Bellinder, 763-741
Duggan def. Kulick, 637-605

Round 5

Milligan def. Duggan, 793-598


Round 3
(Losers eliminated, earn $1,500)

Elysia Current, Wichita, Kan., def. Amy Stolz, Castle Rock, Colo., 726-649
Geraldine Ng, Singapore, def. Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, Singapore, 625-550
Jamie Martin, Omaha, Neb., def. Amanda Beck, Plano, Texas, 706-694
Sue Jeziorski, Tonawanda, N.Y., def. Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, Texas, 587-579
Anita Manns, Austin, Texas, def. Stefanie Nation, Grand Prairie, Texas, 709-649
Brenda Edwards, Mansfield, Texas, def. Rachel Perez, Maumelle, Ark., 673-592
Kristal Wilson, Lawrence, Kan., def. Jonquay Armon, Roselle, Ill., 679-534
Adrienne Miller, Albuquerque, N.M., def. Jacqui Reese, Bangor, Pa., 614-560

Round 4
(Losers eliminated, earn $1,900)

Current def. Tribbey, 650-605
Pluhowsky def. G. Ng, 647-614
Johnson def. Martin, 735-728
Boyd def. Jeziorski, 686-594
Manns def. Tan, 750-664
Guerrero def. Edwards, 607-585
Wilson def. Hulsenberg, 681-666
Miller def. Terrell-Kearney, 678-624

Round 5
(Losers eliminated, earn $2,400)

Current def. Pluhowsky, 678-572
Johnson def. Boyd, 708-638
Guerrero def. Manns, 642-626
Miller def. Wilson, 688-515

Round 6
(Losers eliminated, earn $3,000)

Feldman def. Current, 665-657
Bator def. Johnson, 653-584
Woessner def. Guerrero, 719-665
Dorin-Ballard def. Miller, 670-619

Round 7
(Losers eliminated, earn $3,700)

Feldman def. Bator, 703-639
Dorin-Ballard def. Woessner, 720-694

Round 8
(Loser eliminated, earns $4,500)
Feldman def. Dorin-Ballard, 695-602

At El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center, El Paso, Texas
Tuesday's Results


Round 2

Sharon Powers, Lakewood, Colo., def. Carole Jones, Englewood, Colo., 672-576
Char Hammel, Las Vegas, def. Paula Vidad, Crestline, Calif., 656-644
Janine Primrose, Gardnerville, Nev., def. Barbara Batt, Jacksonville, Fla., 614-575
Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, Fla., def. Lilia Johnson, Lawton, Okla., 595-583

Round 3

Hammel def. Powers, 650-589
Primrose def. Sandelin, 606-594

Round 4

Primrose def. Hammel 657-647


Round 2
(Losers eliminated, earn $450)

Dana Miller-Mackie, Albuquerque, N.M., def. Debbie Wade, West Jordan, Utah, 716-555
Nancy Fehr, Cincinnati, def. Cathy Smith, Richmond, Va., 686-584
Elizabeth Dawson, Sunnyvale, Calif., def. Virginia Norton, Cypress, Calif., 616-585
Shelley West, Omaha, Neb., def. Karen Boekemuehl, Bozeman, Mont., 635-513
Pam Lawrence, Pflugerville, Texas, def. Heidi Pagenkopf, Lynnwood, Wash., 614-573
Rose Hare, Sante Fe, N.M., def. Patti Schultz, Braidwood, Ill., 667-567
Melody Felton, Colfax, Iowa, def. Judy Vogel, Slidell, La., 688-587
Jeanette Porter, Omaha, Neb., def. Pam Buckner, Reno, Nev., 609-589

Round 3
(Losers eliminated, earn $500)

Miller-Mackie def. Fehr, 771-556
Dawson def. West, 622-531
Hare def. Lawrence, 624-577
Felton def. Porter, 695-499

Round 4
(Losers eliminated, earn $600)

Miller-Mackie def. Johnson, 688-646
Batt def. Dawson, 668-603
Hare def. Vidad, 602-582
Felton def Jones, 599-579

Round 5
(Losers eliminated, earn $700)

Miller-Mackie def. Batt, 770-552
Felton def. Hare, 645-580

Round 6
(Losers eliminated, earn $800)

Miller-Mackie def. Sandelin, 647-618
Felton def. Powers, 614-577

Round 7
(Loser eliminated, earns $1,000)
Miller-Mackie def. Felton, 642-634

Round 8
(Loser eliminated, earns $1,300)
Hammel def. Miller-Mackie, 642-615

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Dorin-Ballard continues to lead at USBC Queens

by Jason Thomas April 26, 2010 04:18

Courtesy Lucas Wiseman, USBC Communications

EL PASO, Texas - United States Bowling Congress Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller, Texas, continued her dominance Sunday at the 2010 USBC Queens as she broke the five and 10-game qualifying records to lead going into Monday's final block of qualifying at the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center.

Dorin-Ballard came out of the gates with a 299 game, and continued to strike as she added games of 254, 250, 235 and 256 for a five-game total of 1,294. Combined with her first-day total of 1,224, she is at 2,518 through the first two days with a 251.8 average.

She beat her own record for the five-game block, when she posted a 1,258 total in the 2001 event on the way to her lone Queens victory. For the 10-game total, she knocked off Wendy Macpherson's 2,454 mark set during the 2000 event.

"I wasn't even aware of the records," Dorin-Ballard said. "I was trying to stay focused and just make good shots. I really haven't felt like I've bowled well since August. I've made changes to just about everything, so I'm finally seeing the results pay off."

Only the top 79 of 200 participants who started on Saturday made it on to Monday's third round, with another cut being made as defending champion Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y., joins the top 63 bowlers for the double-elimination match-play format, which starts on Monday at 1 p.m. MDT. Although Dorin-Ballard is firmly inside the cut line, she looks to keep her foot on the accelerator.

"I'm still shooting for the top spot," Dorin-Ballard said. "Maybe in the fourth or fifth game I'll try something different, but I'm looking to go out there and make good shots."

The 20-time PWBA champion knows that a brand-new mentality will be needed once match play begins, since every bowler will have a fresh start.

"You never know with match play," she said. "You don't know how your pair will play, or how your opponent will fair. A lot can happen in three games."

Joining Dorin-Ballard in the top five are USBC Hall of Famer and 1999 Queens champion Leanne Hulsenberg of Roseville, Calif. (2,351), Michelle Feldman of Auburn, N.Y. (2,319), 2007 Queens champion Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J. (2,304) and Kathy Tribbey of Dundee, Ore. (2,304).

Earning the final spot for Monday's third round was Melissa Brownie of Shelbyville, Ky., who finished at 2,061.

Amy Stolz of Castle Rock, Colo., became the third bowler to roll a 300 game during the tournament, to finish at 2,228 for her 10-game total to finish the second day in 15th place. Shayna Ng of Singapore and Jessica Baker of Wichita, Kan., shot 300 in Saturday's qualifying round.

Monday's final round of qualifying begins at 9 a.m. MDT. The double-elimination match-play format will being shortly after at 1 p.m. MDT, and continue throughout Monday and Tuesday. The championship round of the 2010 Queens will be televised live on ESPN2 on Wednesday, April 28 at 8 p.m. EDT.


Dana Miller-Mackie of Albuquerque, N.M., set the USBC Senior Queens 10-game qualifying record Sunday as she took the lead after two rounds of qualifying.

Miller-Mackie, a 16-time women's pro tour winner, shot 2,287, an average of 228.7, at the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center and easily surpassed the old record of 2,097 set by Sharon Powers in 2008.

A day after being in fourth place after the opening round, Miller-Mackie had games of 229, 206, 279, 235 and 209 for a 1,158 total to add to her first-day score of 1,129.

"Today I felt even better than yesterday," said Miller-Mackie, who lost in the Senior Queens title match to Janine Primrose last year. "The more games you get in, the better you start to feel. I'm just fortunate that both my parents are still living and they are here to watch me and my daughter Adrienne bowl the Queens. It's a huge motivation to me to bowl well."

Pam Lawrence of Pflugerville, Texas, is second 25 pins behind Miller-Mackie with 2,262, while Char Hammel of Las Vegas is third with 2,209. Powers of Lakewood, Colo., is fourth at 2,172, Paula Vidad of Crestline, Calif., is fifth with 2,170 and first-round leader Patti Schultz of Braidwood, Ill., is sixth with 2,160.

The top 39 players advanced to Monday's final five-game qualifying round. The top 31 players then join defending champion Primrose in the double-elimination match-play bracket starting Monday afternoon.

United States Bowling Congress
The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.

The interactive home of USBC is BOWL.com. Go to twitter.com/USBC for the fastest USBC headlines.

Bowl with US

(At the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center)
Sunday's results

(Top 80; 10 games, top 79 advance)

1, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Keller, Texas, 2518.
2, Leanne Hulsenberg, Roseville, Calif., 2351.
3, Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 2319.
4, Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 2304.
4, Kathy Tribbey, Dundee, Ore., 2304.
6, Tish Johnson, Colo Spgs, Colo., 2301.
7, Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif., 2298.
8, Emily Maier, Wichita, Kan., 2285.
9, Robin Romeo, Newhall, Calif., 2283.
10, Debbie Ayers, El Cajon, Calif., 2274.
11, Ashly Galante, Palm Harbor, Fla., 2256.
12, Carol Gianotti, Henderson, Nev., 2253.
13, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 2250.
14, Christine Bator, Warren, Mich., 2245.
15, Amy Stolz, Castle Rock, Colo., 2228.
16, Tennelle Milligan, Arlington, Texas, 2219.
16, Jennifer Petrick, Canton, Ohio, 2219.
18, Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 2218.
19, Shauna Shannon, Albuquerque, N.M., 2214.
20, Alisia Kellow, Louisville, Ky., 2213.
21, Geraldine Ng, Singapore, 2209.
22, Jacqui Reese, Bangor, Pa., 2208.
23, Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., 2207.
24, Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 2203.
25, Clara Guerrero, Pflugerville, Texas, 2196.
26, Mihoko Matsuoka-Ishikawa, Japan, 2190.
27, Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Sandusky, Ohio, 2187.
28, Kim Terrell-Kearney, Grand Prairie, Texas, 2181.
29, Jamie Martin, Omaha, Neb., 2180.
30, Shayna Ng, Singapore, 2179.
31, Jessica Baker, Wichita, Kan., 2177.
32, Jodi Woessner, Oregon, Ohio, 2176.
33, Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, Texas, 2172.
34, Olivia Sandham, Wichita, Kan., 2171.
34, Stefanie Nation, Grand Prairie, Texas, 2171.
36, Brenda Edwards, Mansfield, Texas, 2170.
36, Takiko Naganawa, Japan, 2170.
36, Mandy Wilson, Dayton, Ohio, 2170.
39, Kendra Gaines, Orlando, Fla., 2159.
40, Melissa Klug, Macomb, Mich., 2154.
41, Anita Manns, Austin, Texas, 2152.
42, Karen Boyd, Plantation, Fla., 2151.
43, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, Singapore, 2147.
44, Kayla Bandy, Danviell, Va., 2141.
45, Cherie Tan, Singapore, 2136.
46, Bernice Lim, Singapore, 2134.
47, Rachel Perez, Maumelle, Ark., 2129.
48, Elysia Current, Wichita, Kan., 2128.
49, Nichole Spratford, Flanders, N.J., 2127.
49, Bryanna Caldwell, Tucson, Ariz., 2127.
51, Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., 2121.
52, Camille Sykos, El Paso, Texas, 2119.
53, Adriana Perez, El Paso, Texas, 2113.
54, Stacey Fehr, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2108.
55, Amanda Beck, Plano, Texas, 2107.
56, Paola Gomez, Weston, Fla., 2105.
57, Christina Kinney, Las Vegas, 2103.
58, Beth Kirkpatrick, Harrisburg, Pa., 2097.
59, Aesha Turner, Montgomery, Ala., 2094.
60, Megan Kelly, Kettering, Ohio, 2093.
61, Aumi Guerra, Doral, Fla., 2091.
61, Susan Jeziorski, Tonawanda, N.Y., 2091.
63, Cathrine Jensen, Fort Worth, Texas, 2088.
64, Adrienne Miller, Albuquerque, N.M., 2087.
65, Jonquay Armon, Roselle, Ill., 2086.
66, Samantha Williams, Hunt Valley, Md., 2085.
67, Rochelle Blake, Buffalo Grove, Ill., 2084.
68, Kerry Smith, New Holland, Pa., 2083.
69, Lisa Noor, Mound, Minn., 2077.
69, Nikki Lunsford, Plainfield, Ill., 2077.
71, Tina Peak-Balser, Shelbyville, Mo., 2071.
71, Jennifer Hernandez, Land O Lakes, Fla., 2071.
73, Kristal Wilson, Lawrence, Kan., 2069.
73, Tracy Luncsford, DesPlaines, Ill., 2069.
75, Lindsay Baker, Amherst, N.Y., 2067.
75, Lisa Graham, Centerville, Ohio, 2067.
77, Danielle Johnson, Baltimore, Md., 2064.
77, Monica Fitzgerald, Bridgeport, Conn., 2064.
79, Melissa Brownie, Shelbyville, Ky., 2061.
80, Gina Ford, Yukon, Okla., 2058.

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Kulick Honored for Her Place in History at International Women’s Day Reception Hosted by President and Mrs. Obama

by Jerry Schneider March 9, 2010 05:27

The last thing Kelly Kulick could have imagined as she rolled her way to victory in the Professional Bowlers Association Tournament of Champions in January was that her historic victory would lead to a visit to the White House.

And beyond simply acknowledging her as the first woman to win a Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour title, Kulick found herself being honored as an American pioneer who had carved out a unique place in the nation’s history as the first woman to win a major championship in a male-dominated professional sport.

Kulick was invited to attend the International Women’s Day reception held in the East Room of the White House on Monday in celebration of Women’s History Month. Hosted by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, approximately 250 women attended the event which honored contributions of women in history and contemporary society.

The event began at 5 p.m. Eastern with a speech by Mrs. Obama who recognized all those in attendance.

“Today all of you are joining the long list of incredible women who have graced these halls both as visitors and as residents, from admirals and actresses to civil rights pioneers,” Mrs. Obama told the group. “We’re here today not just to pay tribute to leaders and icons and household names. During Women’s History Month, we’re also here to honor the quiet heroes who’ve shaped this country… We honor the women who traveled those lonely roads to be the first in those courtrooms, to be the first ones in those boardrooms, to be the first ones on those playing fields… We honor women who refused to listen to those who would say that you couldn’t or shouldn’t pursue your dreams.”

President Obama then spoke of the roles of women in building America, the women he has appointed to positions of influence within his administration, and his hopes for gender equality in the future.

Kulick said there was no formal receiving line or photo opportunities, but after the speeches by President and Mrs. Obama, there was a short reception where she did get to briefly meet the president.

“I was really just taking it all in and I was looking to see who I might recognize,” Kulick said. “They might have been there, but I didn’t notice any other sports figures.

“I didn’t have a chance to speak at length with the president or first lady, but I did get to meet the president and shake his hand, which was certainly a great honor,” Kulick said.

Kulick said it was a simple and moving ceremony. More...

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Belmonte and Feldman Dominate After First Round Match Play in PBA Bayer Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles

by Jason Thomas February 19, 2010 08:57

Jason Belmonte of Australia and Michelle Feldman of Auburn, N.Y., picked up where they left off in qualifying and combined forces to take a commanding lead after the first round of match play in the PBA Bayer Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles Friday at Brunswick Zone Wheat Ridge.

Qualifying leaders Belmonte and Feldman combined for a 6-2 Baker format match play record with a 5,355 22-game overall pinfall putting them 279 pins ahead of Eugene McCune and Kelly Kulick in second.

The Baker format requires each player to alternate frames in a game to combine for one score.

“The only strategy we had was determining which lane we felt best bowling on,” said Belmonte, the 2008-09 PBA Rookie of the Year. “We’ll do the same thing for tonight’s round. I believe in having a good rhythm and we both have that right now.”

Belmonte is trying for his second career Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour title and Feldman her third PBA Women’s Series presented by BOWL.COM title.

“It’s easy to help each other because we both have a lot of hook,” Feldman said. “We both play the same part of the lane so it’s just a matter of making little adjustments here and there.”

Kulick is also trying for her third Women’s Series title. This is her first PBA event since winning the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions on Jan. 24 becoming the first woman to win a PBA Tour title. McCune is trying for his second career Tour title.

The 16 doubles pairs will compete in one more eight-game match play round beginning at 6 p.m. After 16 total head-to-head Baker format doubles matches, the top five teams will advance to the stepladder finals.

The Mixed Doubles finals will be televised live by ESPN at 1 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Mountain) on Sunday, Feb. 21.



Brunswick Zone Wheat Ridge, Wheat Ridge, Colo.

Third Round (after 22 games, including match play records and pinfall including bonus pins)

1, Jason Belmonte, Australia/Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 6-2, 5,355.

2, Eugene McCune, Munster, Ind./Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 4-4, 5,076

3, Brian Voss, Alpharetta, Ga./Diandra Asbaty, Chicago, 6-2, 5,046

4, Rhino Page, Dade City, Fla./Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 5-3, 5,045

5, Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas/Shannon O’Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 6-2, 5,017

6, Mika Koivuniemi, Hartland, Mich./Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., 6-2, 4,953

7, Chris Barnes, Double Oak, Texas/Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 4-4, 4,920

8, Tom Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich./Jodi Woessner, Oregon, Ohio, 3-5, 4,910

9, Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla./Lindsay Baker, Amherst, N.Y., 2-6, 4,886

10, Steve Harman, Indianapolis/Missy Bellinder, Lake Forest, Calif., 3-5, 4,818

11, Stuart Williams, England/Tammy Boomershine, North Ogden, Utah, 4-4, 4,814

12, Ritchie Allen, Columbia, S.C./Clara Guerrero, Colombia, 4-4, 4,812

13, Jesse Buss, Wichita, Kan./Elysia Current, Ephrata, Pa., 2-6, 4,796

14, Mitch Beasley, Puyallup, Wash./Laura Hardeman, Chula Vista, Calif., 4-4, 4,762

15, Mike Fagan, Patchogue, N.Y./Brenda Edwards, Mansfield, Texas, 3-5, 4,757

16, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla./Stefanie Nation, Grand Prairie, Texas, 2-6, 4,697

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